CANADIAN COMMUNITY NETWORKS DIRECTORY Updated with public domain information and submissions from listed community networks to May 6, 1995 The Directory is organized by province/territory, reading geographically from West to East across Canada. Within each province/territory, the lisings are in alphabetic order, beginning with a preface note on province/territory focal points for support of community network development where these exist. As of May 6, 1995, The 93 listings in this Directory show that 26 community networks were in full operation, and an additional 67 were in various stages of organizing. The 9 operating community networks that provided membership statistics show a total membership base of 116,500. It seems reasonable to assume a Canada wide membership of approximately 170,000 for all 26 operating community nets. Please send corrections and additions to: Garth Graham ( Special thanks for assistance to Michael Gillespie, Claire Harrison, Roger Hart, Andrew Kuczer, Marion Pape, and Gareth Shearman NATIONAL AGENCIES TELECOMMUNITIES CANADA Home page at: In August 1994, over 40 Canadian community network associations and Free-Nets came together for a conference in Ottawa. They recommended the formation of a national association, Telecommunities Canada, to support their common interests in the development of the Canadian community networks movement. The Interim Board of Telecommunities Canada, elected at the founding meeting, is working to implement the national association, to articulate a national strategy for the development of electronic community networking in Canada, and to meet community network needs for a national voice. Members of the Interim Board are: Michael Gillespie ( Roger Hart ( Andre Laurendeau ( ) Kevin Alexander James Nugent ( Gareth R. Shearman ( David Sutherland (aaoo1@freenet Lynda J. Williams ( Asssociations with an interest in becoming members of Telecommunities Canada should contact: Michael Gillespie ( CAN-FREENET There is an unmoderated mailserver for discussions of Canadian community networking issues. To join, send a message to: with the line subscribe Can-Freenet Firstname Lastname in the body of the message. If you wish to unsubscribe, send a message to: with the line Unsubscribe Can-Freenet COMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORATE, INDUSTRY CANADA The objective of this Directorate is to accelerate the introduction of new and advanced, communications-enabled services - for the benefit of all Canadians. Their focus is on non-commercial services in areas such as healthcare, education, public information (including library services), and community network access. Their thrust is toward increased awareness, involving: planning initiatives, pilots, demonstrations, and studies. The community networks contact is: Karen Walker, Senior Policy Officer ( 613-990-4497 SCHOOLNET COMMUNITY ACCESS PROJECT (CAP) The next four year phase (1995 - 99) of SchoolNet funding includes $22 million for the SCHOOLNET COMMUNITY ACCESS PROJECT to "provide up to 1,000 rural communities with access to the information highway." The project is to assist the emergence of, "a national network of community access sites connected to the Internet," by giving a priority to the needs of remote isolated communities. There is an expectation that these initially physical sites (what community nets mean by "public access terminals") will become "the freenets of rural Canada." Information about proposal terms-of-reference is currently being distributed across Canada, provincial selection committees are being established, and SchoolNet, CANARIE, and Industry Canada all have staff in place to administer this project. Communities that create physical site project proposals (first year deadline, Oct 31/95)to tap these funds can most certainly; seek out community network experience, connect to community network content and services, and partner with existing community networks in project development. Proposals can up to $30,000 per grant, although several communities could combine to raise this level. For information contact: Industry Canada ( 1-800-268-6608 The SCHOOLNET COMMUNITY ACCESS PROJECT laison personnel are: Tyler R. Burns, Director, Services Division Ingenia Communcations Corp. 2-44 Grove Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 3A6 Tel: 788-2600 x 8288 Fax: 788-5682 CANARIE: C.P.(Pat) Sampson, President C P Sampson & Associates Technology and Communications Management 1981 Stonehenge Crescent, Gloucester, Ontario, K1B 4N7 Tel: 613-745-7804 Fax:613-746-5923 INDUSTRY CANADA: Wayne Tosh ( Tel: 993-5544 COMMUNITY INFORMATION ACCESS CENTRES CANADA Community Information Access Centres are physical sites designed to provide community level training in the use of Information Highway based services for jobs and growth. CIACs, both urban and rural, have their own national organization, and the contact is: Micheal Raggett, President Community Information Access Centres of Canada 89 Colborne Street East, Suite 201, Orillia, Ontario, L3V 1T8 Tel:705-327-2191 Fax: 705-484-1622 CONNECTING THE NORTH SYMPOSIUM The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation has been key organizer of several steps in a Pan-arctic electronic distance community consultation process. In several stages they have been exploring needs, issues, and options associated with the Information Highway and community control of communications infrastructure in a Northern context. Contact is: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation Tel: 613-235-1892 TELECOMMONS DEVELOPMENT GROUP For a full description, please see the FREESPACE listing in the Ontario Section. Although TDG's current community network development activities are in Ontario, their interests in designing appropriate rural access services are not limited to that province. YUKON TERRITORY YUKON NET OPERATING SOCIETY Whitehorse, Yukon CONTACT: James P. Tousignant ( President, Yukon Net Operating Society Fax: 403-668-7887 Re: community network development: Gord Bradshaw ( PO Box 2799, Yukon College, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5K4 Tel: 403-668-8768 Julianne Ourom ( Manager, Public Library Services Libraries and Archives Branch Yukon Department of Education P.O. Box 2703, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6 Tel: 403-667-5447 Fax: 403-667-2666 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Yukon Net is a regional Internet service provider, approved as a non-profit organization by CA*net. It is considering how best to encourage community services content, interactivity and access within Yukon's network infrastructure. BRITISH COLUMBIA FREENET BRITISH COLUMBIA (the British Columbia FreeNet Association, a Provincial voice for the BC Free-Nets) PURPOSES: 1. To promote the establishment of FreeNets in British Columbia communities 2. To provide support for existing FreeNet organizations within British Columbia 3. To advocate equitable access to electronic information and network services 4. To facilitate public education and awareness of the issues surrounding access to information and network services CURRENT EXECUTIVE (May 1994): President: Gareth Shearman - chair, Victoria Free-Net ( Vice President: Brian Campbell - chair, Vancouver Free-Net ( Secretary: Lynda Williams - chair, Prince George Free-Net ( Treasurer: Detlef Rudolph - chair, Sea to Sky Free-Net ( ARMSTRONG STATUS: Near to Operation CAMPBELL RIVER FREENET Campbell River, British Columbia CONTACT: Pat Presidente ( Member, Organizing Committee Robron Secondary School, 740 Robron Road Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 6J7 Tel: 604-287-9030 Fax: 604-923-5268 STATUS: Organizing. Near to operation CIAO! FREE-NET Community Information Access Organization (CIAO) CIAO! Free-Net, Box 166, Trail, British Columbia, V1R 4L5 CONTACT: Ken McClean, Chairman, ( CIAO! Free-Net, Box 166, Trail, BC., V1R 4L5 Tel: 604-368-2233. Fax: 604-364-2470 INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Modem: 604-368-5764 Internet: Telnet: (login: guest) Gopher: STATUS: Operational CRANBROOK FREE-NET Cranbrook, British Columbia CONTACT: David Humphrey ( Tel: 604-426-7258 STATUS: Organizing FORT ST. JOHN FREENET Fort St. John, British Columbia CONTACT: Ian Baxter ( Tel: 604-787-0356 STATUS: Organizing GULF ISLANDS INTERNET ACCESS COMMITTEE Galiano, Mayne, Pender, Saturna and other outer Gulf Islands, British Columbia CONTACT: Dale Lyon ( RR #2, S42, C12, Galiano, British Columbia, V0N 1P0 Tel: 604-539-5428 Fax: 604-539-2318 Jim Parry ( Instructor, Computer Systems Technology British Columbia Institiute of Technology 3700 Willingdon Ave., Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2 Tel: 604-432-8864 Fax: 604-439-1522 STATUS: Organizing. Intending to serve the outer Islands only. Salt Spring Island is in a different long distance phone exchange. KITIMAT FREE-NET Kitimat, British Columbia. CONTACT: Craig Simpson ( Tel: 604-632-3984 STATUS: Organizing MOUNT ARROWSMITH FREE-NET ASSOCIATION 1602 Marine Circle Parksville, British Columbia, V9P 1Y7 CONTACT: Jim Swanson, Chairperson, ( ) Teacher - Winchelsea Elementary Tel: 604-752-5643 Fax: 604-752-1911 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Chair, Jim Swanson, Teacher Vice-Chairs Janice McLean, Head Librarian - local Library Bob Dobinson, Mechanic Secretary Douglas Stolar, Teacher Treasurer Chris Large, Contractor/sysop local BBS STATUS: Organizing, hopefully operational by first half of 1995. First public meeting, April 1994. NANAIMO SCHOOLSNET Nanaimo School District (SD #68) Nanaimo, B.C. CONTACT: Mike Silverton, Teacher/Sysop ( Brian Kuhn, System Manager ( ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: A free public access BBS operated by a school district that is a community network in concept but not name. It provides Internet access e-mail, Usenet, telnet, ftp, gopher, www, and more. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Telnet: | Login as "guest" Dial in: 604-754-3630 (2400 bps), or 604-754-9578 (14.4 & SLIP) If dialing in, enter "2" at first prompt then "guest" at the Username prompt. www: gopher: STATUS: Operational NECHAKO ACCESS NETWORK P.O. Box 1094, Vanderhoof, British Columbia, V0J 3A0 CONTACT: John Rowlinson ( Tel: 604-567-5545 STATUS: Organizing PRINCE GEORGE FREE-NET Prince George, British Columbia CONTACT: Lynda Williams, President/Founder, ( also ( P.G. Free-Net Association 210 N. Quinn Street, Prince George, B.C. (604) 562-9281 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: - Registered as a non-profit society in B.C. President, Lynda Williams Content Committee - chair, Kathy Plett (, College of New Caledonia Funding/PR Committee - chair, Fred Punko, and Joan Jarman, Public Relations Officer Technical Committee - chair, Brad Smith, Northwood Pulp & Timber Ltd., inquire via Community Advisory Committee - coordinator, Clayton Gray, Business Consultant, Getting Connected Committee - Bill Carlson Phone committee -- Bill McFarlin MEMBERS: As of Feb. 1995, have over 1000 registered users and approximately 30 local information providers and discussion group moderators, including the Mayor of Prince George who hosts an open "ask the Mayor" forum on the system. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: BSD Unix, FreePort, on 486 system - Installed at UNBC with 8 operating phonelines. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Telnet: modem: 604-563-3977 STATUS: Operational. Officially opened in Sept. 1994. PORT ALBERNI STATUS: Organizing POWELL RIVER CONTACT: Powell River Chamber of Commerce STATUS: Operational QUESNEL FREE-NET Quesnel, British Columbia CONTACT: Mark Ekelund ( Tel: 604-992-8802 STATUS: Organizing ROCKY MOUNTAIN INFONET Sparwood, Fernie, British Columbia Office tel: 604-425-2423 (Sparwood District Chamber of Commerce) CONTACT: Brian Grainger, President ( Rocky Mountain InfoNet Society Box 471, Sparwood, British Columbia, V0B 2G0 Tel: 604-425-2605 Fax: 604-425-7130 INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: modem: 604-425-7805 STATUS: Operational SALT SPRING TELECOM SOCIETY Salt Spring Island, British Columbia CONTACT: Cameron Smith, Chair ( Tel: 604-537-1552 ORGANIZATION: - Adminstration and Fund Raising; Lou Walsh, Dwight Jones, and Tim Collins - Technical; Bob Lawson, Roy McMillan, and Dwight Jones - Education; Uri Cogan, and Steven Lawson. STATUS: Organizing. Formation meeting, April 1st, 1995, at the Salt Spring Centre School of a group to investigate telecommunications options for Salt Spring Island, low- or flat-rate access to the Internet, education and training in matters relating to telecommunications, and organization as a non-profit society. SEA TO SKY FREE-NET Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, British Columbia CONTACT: Detlef Rudolph ( President, Sea to Sky Free-Net Association Box 2539, Squamish, BC, V0N 3G0 Tel: 604-892-5531 Fax: 604-892-5227 Tim Agnew, Vice-President, ( Box 2438, Squamish, BC, V0N 3G0 Tel: 604-898-4295 (H) Tel: 604-892-9896 (W) Fax: 604-892-9848 TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Sea to Sky Free-Net uses a donated 386 machine, on which they run Linux. They are looking forward to upgrading to a 486 or Pentium. SCSI hard drives, tape drive, and everything else was surplus equipment from one of the ski operators in Whistler. They wrote the menu system themselves, obtaining source code for pine, gopher etc. and patching a lot of security leaks ( a time-consuming process). Internet feed is bought at full commercial rates from BCnet. "We started the connection at 9600 bps which was OK, but now that we're running a WWW server, we need 56K." (Detlef W. Rudolph) INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: modem: 604-892-3500 STATUS: Operational SOINTULA STATUS: Organizing VALLEY NET Mission-Abbotsford-Chilliwack (Fraser Valley), British Columbia Office tel: 604-864-4616 CONTACT: Paul Kurucz ( Chairperson, Board of Directors, Valley Net Tel: 604-853-7441, local 4360 Fax: 604-855-7618 STATUS: Organizing. Near to Operation, planned startup, June 95. VANCOUVER REGIONAL FREE-NET Vancouver Regional FreeNet Association 750 Burrard St. Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 1X5 Office tel: 604-291-5229 604-257-3811 Voice mail enquiry: 604-665-3944. CONTACT: Brian Campbell ( 750 Burrard St. Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 1X5 Tel: 604-665-3579 Vic Vaivads ( or Chair, System Design MPR Teltech Ltd. 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby B.C., V5A 4B5 Tel: 604-293-5766 Fax: 604-293-6100 INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Modem: (604) 222-4723 Internet: Telnet: (login: guest) WWW: STATUS: Operational, official opening September 9, 1994. VICTORIA FREE-NET Victoria Free-Net Association C/O Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATC) Suite 203-1110 Government Street Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1Y2 Tel: 604-727-7057 Fax: 604-384-8634 CONTACT: Gareth Shearman ( (also Tel: 604-385-4302 Ron Crabtree ( Secretary, Victoria Free-Net Association ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: * 4-member Executive (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) * 12-member Board (monthly meetings) Executive plus chairs of committees and ex-officio officers * Monthly public meetings. Annual General Meeting of membership (membership determination currently under review) with election of board * Information Provider Committee * Finance and Fundraising Committee * Technical Committee MEMEBERS: As at December 1994 over 9,000 registered. Primarily e-mail users, with some special interest participation. FUNDING: Primarily individual donations and some contracts, and computer equipment vendor product donations. FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: Camosun College, Greater Victoria Public Library, ZED Data Systems, Sun Microsystems, BC Tel and Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Sun Sparc2, Sun IPX, Trailblaser with 21 dial-in modems. Services include freeport, lynx, gopher, news groups, WAIS, POP and pine e-mail for dial-in users, and gopherd, httpd, and waisd for Internet users. Key information bases include BC government directory of services, Greater Victoria Societies, BC statistics, and rare plant species. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Modem: 604-595-2300 Internet: Telnet: (login: guest) Gopher: WWW: (standard port assignments for httpd, gopher, waisd, ...) STATUS: Operational since Nov 17, 1992. Priority tasks or plans: More dial-in access, stable Internet access, and more accurate, timely, accessible and pertinent community information and information exchange. NORTHWEST TERRITORIES NTnet SOCIETY Box 1976 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, X1A 2P5 CONTACT: Ian Gamble ( Secretary/Treasurer, NTnet Society 432 Gitzel St., Yellowknife NT, X1A 2C9 Tel: 403-873-6283 Fax: 403-669-9021 Bob Johnson President NTnet Society PO Box 1976 Yellowknife NT, X1A 2P5 Tel: 403-920-7724 Fax: 403-669-7286 Re: community network development in Yellowknife: Byron Hynes ( ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: NTnet is a regional Internet service provider approved as a non-profit society by CA*net. Business, Content, Marketing, and Technical committees. "Currently, NTnet does not plan to establish a community net. We will provide free or cheap access via local BBSes. We are open to voluntary organization of a community network or Free-Net, but are not able to commit our resources at this time to organizing one ourselves." (Gamble, Sept16, 1994) MEMEBERS: Organizations and individuals throughout the NWT. "Dedicated line access only except in communities without ventures to provide dial-up access. We have a five year plan to extend service to all sixty communities of the NWT." (Gamble, Dec 27, 1994) FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: CANARIE, CA*net. FUNDING: CANARIE, self-generated revenues, government grants and subsidies. Intend to establish joint venture arrangements for special projects demonstrating applications and technologies suited for remote and isolated communities. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Intel Pentium - BSDI/386 Unix. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: DNS -, STATUS: Operational in beta test mode for initial dedicated line users until January 15, 1995. ALBERTA CALGARY FREE-NET ASSOCIATION c/o The Canada West Foundation #810, 400 - 3rd Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 4H2 Office tel: 403-220-8914 CONTACT: Shawn Henry ( Project Director, Calgary Free-Net Association c/o The Canada West Foundation #810, 400 - 3rd Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 4H2 Phone: (403) 264-9535 Fax: (403) 269-4776 David Elton ( ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: - Steering Committee, which acts as a Board of Directors - Hardware/Software Committee - Information Resources Committee - Funding Committee - Public relations sub-committee; Lorne Darlington, 403-274-6927 FUNDING: "We are adhering to a PBS model of membership - ie., you don't have to be a member of the freenet association to use the system ($50 per year) but we will try to guilt you into it, and we have secured some discounts from local businesses for members as well as allowing them to stay online longer than plain, non-contributing, registered users." (Shawn Henry). TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: - selected a computer proposal submitted by IBM Canada. "We will be running the system on a hopped up rs/6000 c-10, which we will upgrade to the new 604(?) chip as soon as it becomes available." (Shawn Henry). - software based upon a hyper-text server package distributed free on the Internet INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: telnet: - login guest web: modems at: 403-282-4075 and 403-282-3707 STATUS: Operational, Feb 5/95 EDMONTON FREENET FreeNet Office #220, 10232-112 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 1M4 Tel: 403-421-1745 FAX: 403-421-7159 CONTACT: Jon Hall, Project Manager ( FreeNet Office, #220, 10232-112 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 1M4 Tel: 403-421-1745 FAX: 403-421-7159 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: A 12 person board of directors is responsible for policy creation, connection to the founding sponsors and funding development. The Project Manager reports to the board. The heads of the six functional committees form an operations committee chaired by the project manager. This committee coordinates development and operational activities, recommends policy and manages the volunteer activities. Functional committees are headed by a volunteer chair: Marketing, Hardware/Software, Education, Finance, Information Content and Services, Membership & Registration. Staff: Jon Hall ( Project Manager Tel: 403-430-9494 John Boeske ( System Manager Board: Penelope McKee (Edm Public Library), President ( Carol Humphries (Learning Link), Treasurer ( Paul DeGroot (Edmonton Journal), ( Myron Borys (Edmonton Telephones) Janine Andrews (U of A Libraries) Dory Baxter (Software Alberta Society) Roger Pederson (AGT) John Mathewson (IBM) Bill Smith (business man) Cornelius Guenter (Edmonton Recycling Society) Fil Fraser (Consultant) Joel DeBlock (Concordia College) MEMEBERS: Over 140 organizations and individuals have become information providers and over 4500 people have purchased memberships( as at Apr 30/95). FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: Edmonton Public Library, University of Alberta Libraries, The Learning Link, Software Alberta Society, Edmontion Journal, IBM - Canada, Edmonton Telephones, AGT Edmonton Journal, AGT, Ed Telephones and IBM made founding sponsorship donations of $20,000 in year one and $10,000 in each of three more years (plus two libraries and two associations). AGT and Journal were cash, IBM was discount on equipment. Ed Tel was modems. FUNDING: Funding is in place to sustain operations until the end of 1995 assuming it attracts10,000 members and receives no additional donations. Membership is $15 per member although guests are able to read all files. Revenue comes from $20,000 (minimum) from each of six founding sponsors, $200,000 federal / provincial / municipal infrastructure grant, $25,000 for public access terminals from a funding foundation, pro bono services from law and software companies, $150,000 in memberships, and additional funds from private and corporate donations. Average donation is $22 per donor or $1.81 per member. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Two IBM RISC-6000 have been purchased and installed. The software is public domain LYNX, WAIS, PINE, GOPHER. The system went operational with 16 phone lines but with capacity and infrastructure in place to handle up to 100 lines as demand warrants. Modem pool was increased to 78 modems by end of April 1995. A mail server and Internet access were provided by a founding sponsor. Twenty five older PCs have been donated and are being reconditioned and placed throughout the city as public access terminals in mid January 1995. "We have determined that 50 users per line is the optimum level. We have reached this ratio twice and as soon as we hit 51:1 the e-mail poured in. The pressure to lower our ratio is unrelenting. We are trying to operate a system which provides virtually instant access for the majority of the day. However, during a closely defined period of the day (nn hours) access may take up to NN retrys. Our average connect time is 29 minutes and we receive 1700 calls a day on 42 modems. Modem usage time is typically 55-60 minutes each hour." Jon Hall, Feb 11/95 INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: modem: 403-428-3929 STATUS: Went operational as planned during Science and Technology Week on October 18, 1994. After 1.5 years of activity, Edmonton FreeNet was incorporated as a not-for-profit company under the Alberta Companies Act on May 24,1994. PRAXIS FREE-NET ORGANIZING COMMITTEE c/o Lawrence Chen 468 9th Street S.E. Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 1N7 CONTACT: Lyle Roberts ( BBS: 403-526-6957/403-529-1610/403-526-5035 Dave Bahnmiller ( BBS: 403-526-6957/403-529-1610/403-526-5035 Lawrence Chen ( 468 9th Street S.E., Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 1N7 Tel: 403-526-6019 (answering machine) Fax: 403-529-5102 BBS: 403-526-6957/403-529-1610/403-526-5035 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Serving Medicine Hat, Alberta and area and operating under the Praxis Society. Co-chairs: Lawrence Chen, and Lyle Roberts Fund Raising: Lyle Roberts (committee co-chair), Piet Visser, Dave Bahnmiller (committee co-chair), Lawrence Chen Steering Committee: Lawrence Chen, Lyle Roberts, Bob Batchelder, Dave Bahnmiller, Ken Short, Dan Eslinger Info Systems: Bob Batchelder (committee chair), Pat Evans, Keith Walker, Lloyd Ford, Lawrence Chen Hardware/Software: Lawrence Chen (committee chair), Ken Short, Brian Gue, Dan Eslinger, Jonn Schoolkate, Mike McWilliams INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Current discussions on Lawrence Chen's BBS (Lunatic Haven/Praxis Society). "Just a Crazy Engineer with an Amiga and an HP48sx" CIS: 74200,2431 Praxis Society K12 BBS: +1 403 529 1610 Lunatic Haven: +1 403 526 6957, CYSNET Packet BBS: +1 403 526 4304 LHaven Dialup: +1 403 526 5035 Packet: VE6LKC @ VE6PAQ.#SEAB.AB.CAN.NA STATUS: Organizing. Had first public meeting in October 1994, plan to have Steering meeting in January to find out progress and come up with unified plan. RED DEER FREE-NET Red Deer, Alberta CONTACT: Maureen Toews ( Dean Frey Red Deer Public Library Tel: 403-346-4576 SASKATCHEWAN GREAT PLAINS FREE-NET Regina and rural Saskatchewan 55 Cowburn Cr Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 5R9 306-584-9615 CONTACT: Mark Suggitt, Consultant, ( ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Chair Bob Greenfield ( Tel: 306-584-6615 Vice-Chair Neale Partington ( Tel: 306-777-4636 Secretary Ted Quade ( Treasurer Lorry Wilson ( Public rel Mark Suggitt ( STATUS: Organizing, planning to be operational by Fall, 1995 MOOSE JAW FREENET INC. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan CONTACT Ron Locke Tel: 305-692-8598 STATUS: Organizing PRINCE ALBERT FREE-NET Prince Albert and District CONTACT: Cuelenaere Public Library Tel: 305-763-8322 STATUS: Organizing SASKATOON FREE-NET Saskatoon Free-Net Assocation Box 339 RPO University Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 4J8 CONTACT: Darlene Fichter ( or ( 438-5th St. E., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7H 1E9 Tel: 306-652-0947 Nathan Elke ( Board Member Member of the Information Providers Committee Peter Scott ( 438 5th Street East Saskatoon, SK S7H 1E9 Tel: 306-966-5920 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Board of Directors with ten members. - Executive Committee - Facilities Committee - Finance Committee - Sponsorhip Sub-Committee - Information Provider's Committee - Public Relations and Promotion Committee - User Education Committee - Technical Working Group - Office Help Working Group - Help Desk Working Group FUNDING: To date all funding has come from personal, corporate and institutional donations and membership fees. FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: - Saskatoon Public Library - University of Saskatchewan - City of Saskatoon, Leisure Services Dept. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: The Chebucto lynx client and WWW server running on a linux box. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Telnet: login as guest Phone dialup lines at 306-956-3700 WWW: STATUS: Operational, April 3 1995 MANITOBA Blue Sky FreeNet is a province-wide network, based on local servers in the 60 local calling areas in the provincial telephone system. Six of those zones are now operational, and an additional 17 are organizing. This network is expanding rapidly and the areas of service listed below are indicative, not definitive. BLUE SKY FREENET OF MANITOBA INC. P.O. Box 1441 Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 2Z4 e-mail: Voice HELP line: 204-992-HELP CONTACT: Wolfgang von Thuelen, Secretary ( ISM Information Systems Management Corp 400 Ellice Ave Winnipeg, MB R3B 3M3 Tel: 204-946-6776 Fax: 204-947-3837 Terry Lewycky ( ) c/o Infopak Communications #7 Killarney, PO Box 34027, Winnipeg Tel: 204-269-0797 Karen Botan, Treasurer, Blue Sky FreeNet ( Winnipeg, Manitoba Tel: 204-983-6575 Fax: 204-983-0870 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Board of Directors,12 members including: Terry Lewycky, President, ( Michael Gillespie, Vice-President ( Tel: 204-943-9000 Wolfgang von Thuelen, Secretary, ( Murray Elchitz, Chair, Fund Raising Committee ( ) FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: SUN Microsystems (Tronica Computers), Manitoba Telephone System, CISCO Modems, The Winnipeg Free Press, University of Manitoba, MBnet, Manitoba Library Association, The Winnipeg Public Library, and Manitoba First Nations INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Modem: 204-987-1234 (login as "guest") STATUS: Operational as at October 17, 1994, the first FreeNet to be implemented province-wide. Blue Sky FreeNet plans to provide toll free community network access to all residents of Manitoba, rather than concentrate on a single urban community. "We hope to soon have the funding in place to continue our strategy of providing all Manitobans with affordable access to the FreeNet. Until then, users outside of Winnipeg will see long-distance charges on their phone bills." (Terry Lewycky) CENTRAL PLAIN Elie, Rural Municipality of Cartier, Gladstone, Rural Municipality and village of MacGregor, Rural Municipality of Lakeview, Langruth, Rural Municipality of West Bourne, Plumas, Rural Municipality of Victoria, Holland, Cyprus River, Rural Municipality and village of Treherne, Rural Municipality of North Norfolk, Austen, Rural Municipality and town of Portage La Prairie, Ordville, Polar Point, Rural Municipality of South Norfolk, Rathwell, Rural Municipality and village of St. Claude, St Francois Xavier CONTACT: Ken Arundell Gary Little, Chair STATUS: Operational EASTMANET Eastern Manitoba, Pinawa, Lac du Bonnet, Whitemouth, Pointe du Bois, Seven Sisters CONTACT: Douglas Gehon ( Tel: 204-753-2311, ext. 2442 INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: modem: 204-753-2299 STATUS: Operational EVERGREEN Arborg, Fisher, Riverton, Winnipeg Beach CONTACT: Stephen Lupky STATUS: Operational LAKESHORE Ashern, Eriksdale, Gimley, Gahamdale, Lundar, Moosehorn, St. Laurent CONTACT:Debby Surgenor STATUS: Operational SEARDEN FREE-NET Sprague, South Junction, Vassar, Wampum, Moose Lake, Middlebro, South Junction, and Buffalo Point CONTACT: Larry Geller ( Box 180 Sprague, MB, Canada R0A 1Z0 Tel. 204-437-2016 Fax. 204-437-2382 TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: A 486 with Linux and the Chebucto Lynx on top. "We are also going for Pine, gopher client and server, etc." (Larry Geller) INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Specifically for "ONLINE CANADIAN WRITING " URL: gopher:// OR --> Bluesky --> Literature/ONLINE CANADIAN WRITING STATUS: Operational as at end October, 1994. "We are going to be fully bilingual and I hope to carry des matieres du Societe Franco-Manitobain, the Archdiocese of St. Boniface and our FM paper La Liberte." (Larry Geller) WESTMAN COMMUNITY NETWORK Brandon and surrounding towns, including: Brookdale, Carberry, Alexander, Douglas, Rivers, Rapid City, Souris, Wawanesa CONTACT: Stephen Downes STATUS: Organizing There are active organizing committees in other local calling areas centered on the following communites: BIRTLE (Rural municipality with 5 communities) DAUPHIN ERICSON FLIN FLON GRAND VIEW KILLARNEY MORRIS NEEPAWA PEQUIS ROBLIN (4 communites, 3 bands) RUSSELL (10 communities, 3 bands) ST ROSE DU LAC SPRINGFIELD (Rural municipality with 8 communities) STEINBACH THOMPSON WINKLER ONTARIO Contacts in the Ontario Government with an interest in community networks development include: Andrew Kuczer ( Ontario Network Infrastructure Program (ONIP) Information Infrastructure Branch Ministry of Economic Development and Trade 77 Bloor St.W.,20 floor, Toronto, Ontario, M7A 2R9 Tel: 416-326-9623 Stan Squires, Manager ( Telematics and New Media Unit, Libraries and Community Information Branch, Ministry of Culture,Tourism and Recreation, 77, Bloor Street West, 3rd Floor, Toronto.Ontario. M7A 2R9.Canada. Tel:416-314-7632 Fax: 416-314-7635 There is a listserver called "Ontalk" that discusses community networking issues in Ontario. To subscribe, send a message to: with the text message: subscribe ontalk yourfirstname yourlastname (Please ignore the system's request to change your password - this function is not enabled). Contact for this listserver is: Don Richardson ( Member, Interim FreeSpace Steering Committee - Guelph/Wellington Assistant Professor Rural Extension Studies, University of Guelph. ATIKOKAN COMMUNITY NETWORK Atikokan, Ontario CONTACT: Warren Paulson ( Owner & Top Banana, Words & Pictures Publishing Box 261, Atikokan, Ontario, P0T 1C0 Tel: 807-597-2540 Fax: 807-597-1348 STATUS: Organizing. "We in Atikokan, Ontario are in the early pipe-dream stages of developing what could be the smallest Free-Net in Canada. Our plan is to first develop a local access network by expanding on existing local resources (library, high school etc). Eventually we hope to develop some sort of Internet access." (Warren Paulson) BRANT FREENET Brantford, Ontario CONTACT: Tim Philp, Chairperson email via Brantford Public Library: Tel: 519-758-1260 STATUS: Organizing COLLINGWOOD COMMUNITY NETWORK STEERING COMMITTEE Collingwood, Ontario Tel: 705-445-8441 705-445-7401 CONTACT: Norm Griffiths ( STATUS: Organizing DURHAM FREE-NET INC. Whitby, Ontario CONTACT: Durham Steering Committee: John Norman ( Chair, Steering Committee P.O. 26071, 206 King Street East, Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 1C0 Tel: 905-725-9633 John Krasnay, Chair of the Hardware/Software committee ( TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: "We have opted for a Web front end with BSDI as the OS. Pentiums are the hardware of choice. Because of the way Bell has carved up our Region we may have to use the net to tie our LAN together." (John Norman, Jan 15, 1995) STATUS: Organizing. "We have a firm online date to the general public of June 12, 1995. Test equipment is in place. A full timeline has been developed and we submitted our implementation application to ONIP on Jan 3/95." (John Norman, Jan 15, 1995) FREESPACE TELECOMMONS DEVELOPMENT GROUP Guelph, Ontario Tel: 519-767-0145 Fax: 519-767-1510 The FreeSpace Switchboard, a monthly newsletter, can be reached at: CONTACT: Greg Searle ( Paul Graham (pgraham@uoguelph.Ca) Telecommons Development Group ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: - The Freespace model depends upon self-direction and autonomy at the community level with each community founding its own Freespace Steering Committee. The Telecommons Development Group, a fully incorporated worker's co-operative, with support from the Department of Rural Extension Studies, University of Guelph, supports steering committees with resources, consulting, training, and partnership-building. Co-founders: Gord Lipp: ( Paul Graham: ( Greg Searle: ( Dr. Don Richardson: Community/ govt liaison and development ( Dave Johnston: Assoc researcher and community liaison ( Gavin Nesbitt: Community liaison and program development ( Rebekah Jamieson: Program administration ( Joel Weekes:Program administration ( John Stevenson: Organization and business development ( TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: FreeSpace uses a graphical user interface client program called Remote Imaging Protocol (RIP) which allows for point and click control over a multimedia information environment. Much of FreeSpace is based in a graphical and audio collaborative virtual environment in which users can frelly interact and communicate in real time. World Wide Web FreeSpace also contains space and gateways for commercial-quality information access and value added services. STATUS: Current emphasis is on developing sound working relationships with communities in Wellington county and surrounding Guelph, Ontario, and in developing a feasibility study for a provincial rural network. GREATER KINGSTON COMMUNITY NET Kingston, Ontario CONTACT: Mark Zirbser ( Business Development Officer Kingston Area Economic Development Commission 275 Ontario Street, Suite 100, Kingston, Ontario, K7K 2X5 Tel: 613-544-2726 x.22 Fax: 613-546-2882 John Porter Tel: 613-564-4291, ext. 331 ORGANIZATION: Steering committee INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: The URL address for the Greater Kingston FreeNet Demo pages and discussion documents is as follows: "We've started a FreeNet discussion area on the Kingston area FidoNet BBSes as an avenue to inform people of the FreeNet concept. Our reasoning is that many potential FreeNet volunteers and users may already have access to our BBS's, but have no easy access to WWW servers, ftp, gophers, etc." Stephen Hart ( STATUS: Organizing. First Public Forum, March 1, 1995. GUELPH FREESPACE STEERING COMMITTEE (See WELLINGTON COUNTY FREESPACE) HALTON COMMUNITY NETWORK Oakville, Ontario CONTACTS: F.P. (Rick) Booth ( or Principal & Managing Associate, EN-TECH Associates Chair, Halton Community Network 2599 Addingham Crescent, Oakville, Ontario L6J 7K6 Tel: 905-829-0892 Fax: 905-829-0891 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: HCN Sterring Committee officers: F.P. (Rick) Booth, Chair ( Sander Schimmelpennick, Vice-Chair ( Jane Leonard, Secretary ( Bob Griesbach, Technology Liaison ( John Waller, Technology Committee Chair ( Dennis Hurst, Administration Liaison ( George Brown, Admin. Committee Chair ( Pat Atkinson, SIGs Liaison ( Golda Morrison, SIGs Liaison ( INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: modem: 905-845-0057 STATUS: Operational with an existing network and major infrastructure courtesy the Halinet group. While there is limited local personal modem access, there is an extensive public access infrastructure through the School boards, libraries and the local college. It's been estimated at over 3000 nodes on the physical network. As at September 8,1994, was awaiting the installation of an upgraded server at Sheridan College, and subject to installation schedule changes, hoped to be actively adding new members by October 1994. HAMILTON-WENTWORTH FREENET Hamilton, Ontario CONTACT: Marcel D. Mongeon ( ( President, Hamilton-Wentworth FreeNet Information Technology Lawyer & Trade Marks Agent Tel: 905-528-5936 Fax: 905 523-4144 Stephen Park (, (, ( Manager, Hamilton-Wentworth FreeNet Tel: 905-528-4936 Fax: 905-528-7578 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: A steering committee provides overall direction. There are separate committees for Business, Information Providers, Technical, Public Relations, and Education. MEMBERS: Opened on April 28, 1995, with 400 assigned ids, but had risen to 1,000 by the end of the second day. FUNDING: Provincial: An Ontario Network Infrastructure Program grant of $489,551 over 3 years, with the promise that we would be self- sufficient after that date. Money arrives in $233,000, $153,000, and $103,000 amounts each year. Roughly $15,500 has been committed since September of last year, and this represents a quarter of the first year target for cash donations. On the in-kind side, we have received almost $100,000. Equipment manufacturers have allowed major discounts, our office space (1700 sq feet in the downtown mall) has been donated, and 2 486 DX66 machines to run the office, and printing services. We do not charge for basic services but donations and memberships are strongly encouraged as per the following policy: - Basic: $0 Full access to all services. Time 1 hr per login, 2 hrs per day. - Enhanced: $20/yr As above, + voting rights (if in local calling area), choice of personalized (but name based) e-mail alias, and time limits of 3 hours per day, but still only 14 hours per week. - Premium: $50/yr As above, + access to lower density modem pool (no promise on an exact #, but hope to achieve 50 to 1 using the extra $30) Time limits are 2 hours per login, 4 hours per day, and 21 hours per week. Time limits will change if a problem develops with busy signals. FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: McMaster University, Mohawk College, private and public schools (and boards), local media, the Hamilton Public Library, and local commercial internet providers. The Municipal Region has allowed us access to their Centrex pool. This costs the Region nothing, but saves us over $8,000 in year 1, and $12,000 per year after that. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Software is Chebucto Suite Phone lines as at April 29/95, 64 in total, 60 in the General pool, 2 (to start) in the Premium pool, and 2 for the Office, and for demonstrations. We expect to increase this very soon, especially as the number of premium level users increases (and a donation of 12 rack mounted modems, which will likely go to create an 'express' modem pool for people to collect e-mail (and maybe newsgroups). The business plan calls for the modem pool to double in each of the following two years, (128 then 256) but is likely conservative. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Telnet: Modem: 905 -540-5000 STATUS: Operational. First public meeting of the Hamilton- Wentworth Freenet, March 7, 1994. Official opening, April 28, 1995 HOMEtown COMMUNITY NET INC. c/o Middlesex County Library, 11 St. John's Drive, Arva, Ontario, N0M 1C0 HOMEtown will serve the counties of Huron, Oxford, Middlesex, Elgin, and Perth, and the cities of London, St. Thomas and Stratford, Woodstock, as well as all other communities in the area. CONTACT: Patricia Greig ( Tel: 519-452-2124 Fax: 519-455-7648 Margaret Rule ( Tel: 519-660-8368 Fax: 519-660-6511 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: HOMEtown was working under the direction of an organizing committee, but with its recent incorporation, it now has a Board of Directors. We are in the process of establishing local committees in each of the geographic areas, plus a committee for each of the following activities: Fundraising, Information Resources and Community Relations . MEMEBERS: About 100 members; estimate 3000 by end of 1995 FUNDING: HOMEtown has received approximately $30,000 in grants and initial memberships; we have applied for JOCA and ONIP. FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: University of Western Ontario, Department of Information Technology Services, Bell Canada, Inter-Com Information Services (London), Human Resouces Canada (Elgin County), Huron County Library, Middlesex County Library, Stratford Public Library, St. Thomas Public Library, ASM Consultants (London), and Information London. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Not yet in place. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: For info., including a membership form to join HOMEtown, look on the UWO gopher: > Select: Selected internet resources > Community Networks > HOMEtown Community Network STATUS: Organizing. HOMEtown, working with Inter-Com Information Services of London, began, February 1995, a pilot project to install the software, design the services and mount the first information resources. Because HOMEtown will offer services in the city of London and the surrounding counties of Huron, Oxford, Middlesex, Elgin and Perth, a key component of the test phase will be the design and testing of the regional links. Planned startup is September 95. KAWARTHA FREE-NET CONTACT: Barbara Cameron Tel: 705-743-5774 Fax: 705-743-5622 STATUS: Organizing. Has received ONIP funding LANARK COUNTY NETWORK PROJECT Carleton Place, Almonte, Ontario CONTACT: Sietze Praamsma ( Sophia Hanafi ( Tel: 613-257-7121 STATUS: Operational LINDSEY MULTIMEDIA NETWORK CONTACT: Moti Tahiliani Lindsey Public Library Tel: 705-324-5637 STATUS: Organizing. Has received ONIP funding MISNET Mississauga, Ontario CONTACT: Walter Brodniewicz Tel: 905-273-7760 STATUS: Organizing NATIONAL CAPITAL FREENET c/o Carleton University,1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6 Tel: 613-520-9001 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time) E-mail: general queries: information server: help desk: registration assistance: CONTACT: Lisa Donnelly, Exec. Director ( 613-241-2477 David Sutherland, President ( also Computing Services Carleton University Ottawa, ON CANADA K1S 5B6 Tel: 613-788-2600 ext 3701 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: There is a 15 member board of directors, elected in staggered three year terms. Elections are conducted online. The following are the board members for 1995. The institutional affiliations listed do not necessarily imply endorsement or participation in the NCF by those organizations (or vice-versa). Name FreeNet ID Affiliation Term Expires David Blackwood aa332 Revenue Canada, Taxation 96 Scott Catterill aa355 Computing Devices of Canada 98 Julie Chahal ab161 Infomagic Services 97 Jessica Cohen aa724 Student, Carleton University 98 Brett Delmage aa693 National Capital FreeNet 97 Rosaleen Dickson ac174 Parliamentary Press Gallery 97 Yvonne Dionne ao594 Public Works & Gov't Serv. Can. 98 Chris Hawley ah654 Newbridge Networks Corp. 96 Marc Labelle ac078 Freelance Editor 97 Dave Loan aa112 City of Ottawa 96 Rick Mount aa009 Mount, Yemensky, Daigle Law Firm 96 Andrew Patrick aa118 Communications Research Centre 98 Dave Sutherland aa001 Carleton University 98 Richard P. Taylor aa333 Atomic Energy Control Board 97 Stephen E. Toy aa102 Ottawa Public Library 96 The executive committee of the board: President David Sutherland First Vice Pres. Andrew Patrick Second Vice Pres. Julie Chahal Treas. (Interim) Lisa Donnelly Secretary Richard Taylor Exec. Director Lisa Donnelly Staff: Lisa Donnelly, Executive Director Gordon Pearson, Dir. of Development Ian Allen, Systems Administrator Mike Anderson, Admin. Coordinator Volunteer Leaders and committee structure: Michel Charlebois & Ginette Leduc, Translations az253 Jessica Cohen, Boutique Administrator aa724 Matthew Darwin, Menu Administrator aa673 Pat Drummond, New to the Net area ad995 Jim Elder, Statistical Information aa456 Garth Graham, National community nets Info. aa127 Miranda Gray, Hardware Committee xx717 G.J. Hagenaars, NCF Postmaster xx247 Chris Hawley, Database project xx654 Brian Monkman, Volunteer Coordinator af088 Natalie Munro, Volunteer Coordinator aa966 Robert Pless, Complaints Administrator xx246 Mimi Richard, Speaker Coordination br184 Al Seaman, Menu Administrator xx331 Paul Tomblin, News Administrator ab401 Charles Trahan, Francophone Comm. aj279 Office Registrar xx001 Office Volunteers xx002 TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Updated: 1995-04-13 (Some of this is rather approximate) Computers: freenet: Sun SparcStation 10 Model 512 128 Mb memory 400 Mb + 1.2 Gb + 1.2 Gb + 1.1 Gb disk freenet2: Dual Sparc 2 Clone 64 Mb memory 500 Mb disk freenet3: Sun SparcStation 10 Model 512 128 Mb memory 1.1 Gb disk 360 Mb disk freenet4: IBM PC running NCSA Unknown freenet5: Sun SparcStaton IPX 24 Mb memory 200 Mb disk freenet-news: Sun SparcStation IPC 48 Mb memory 220 Mb disk 1 Gb disk 2.4 Gb disk Modems: 97 at 300-2400 bps modems, no compression, no error-correction 64 at 300-14400 bps modems, compression + error-correction 9 at 300-14400 bps modems, compression + error-correction Modems for 14 lines dedicated to library/city/gov't connections 1 line (System Administrator) 1 line (demos/Executive Director) Misc: Three 64-port Xylogics Annex terminal servers INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Dial Up Access: up to 2400 bps: (613) 520-1130 up to 14.4 Kbps: (613) 520-1135 10 minute express (up to 14.4 Kbps): (613) 520-7835 Internet Access: telnet: gopher: world wide web: STATUS: operational since February 1993. According to the Statistics Generator, as at May 4, 1995, there were 41,794 NCF members. NEAR NORTH FREENET ASSOCIATION North Bay, Ontario CONTACT: Donna Bourne-Tyson Tel: 705-472-6950 STATUS: Organizing NIAGARA PENINSULA FREE-NET NPIEC Niagara Peninsula Free-Net 3550 Schmon Parkway, Unit 4 Thorold, Ontario L2V 4Y6 General E-mail information: ( Tel: 905-684-7200 CONTACT: Jim Kerr ( Jon Radue ( NPF Board member Associate Professor , Computer Science Dept. Brock University St. Catharines, Ontario, L2S 3A1 Tel: 905-688-5550 x 3867 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: A project of the Niagara Peninsula Industry Education Council (NPIEC) FUNDING: ONIP Letter of Intent approved. Canadian Tire donated $15,000 and NPIEC has also funded a lot of the development. FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: Canadian Tire Acceptance, Brock University, Internet Connect Niagara, NPIEC. We have a productive partnership with the NPIEC, a non-profit organization that is very active in adult re-training, and school/industry partnerships, etc. The Council has an 'Information Technology Strategy' with five main facets: - Niagara Technology Recycling Program - Information Technology Teacher Support and In-Service Training Program - Niagara Peninsula Free-Net Computer Network - Information Technology Business Development Initiatives - Curriculum Development, Training, and Labour Market Orientation TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: SGI Indy as prototype. SGI Challenge S is planned for the public system. Software is a slightly modified Gopher, with special software for information providers to maintain their menus. Pine, pico, tin, etc. and off-line mail reading (NUPop). INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: telnet: and log in as "guest" modem: 905-688-8226 STATUS: Operational. Official opening, March 1, 1995 NORTH SHORE COMMUNITY NETWORK Elliot Lake, Blind River and Algoma Mills P.O.Box 108, Algoma Mills, Ontario, P0R 1A0 Tel: 705 849 2213 CONTACT: Alan Wilson, System Administrator ( Central Avenue Public School 81 Central Avenue, Elliot Lake, Ontario, P5A 2G4 Tel: 705-848-5106 (S) Tel: 705-848-2989 (H) Fax: 705-848-9225 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: A regional plan that links the three main communities of Blind River, Algoma Mills (the "hub" and official sponsor) and Elliot Lake. Organized under municipality of the Township of the North Shore with an advisory committee comprised of 8 members representing various groups within the region: Economic Development, Business, Education, Public Sector and Institutions. MEMEBERS: Targeting individual users and small businesses. Anticipate 100 users within first year - but really no true way of gauging response until we actually go online. FUNDING: Initial funding for start up costs came from a local "Heritage Fund" for the amount of $40,000. Will operate on a cost-recovery basis, offering memberships for a $153.44 per year flat fee; $320.36 for businesses. FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: Township of the North Shore, Elliot Lake and Area Working Group Committee, Rio Algom Mine Ltd. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Pentium 66; 16 port digiboard; SCO Unix "Electronic Village" software "Having been personally involved with the Ontario Teachers' Federation "Creating a Culture of Change" project - one that links all provincial teachers to a "free" conferencing system, "The Electronic Village"- I have become partial to the software, the developer and its ease of use. It runs on a Pentium box that "plugs into the wall" - certainly a main concern of communities with a dearth of Unix techies." Alan Wilson INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: modem: 705-849-0137 STATUS: Operational OWEN SOUND COMMUNITY NET Owen Sound, Meaford and Warton, Ontario CONTACT: Brian Minielly ( Trevor Davies ( Owen Sound - North Gray Public Library Tel: 519-376-0682 STATUS: Organizing. Name contest currentlu underway. Planned startup is June 95. PEMBROKE COMMUNITY NETWORK Pembroke, Ontario CONTACT: Subhash Mehta Pembroke Public Library 237 Victoria Street, Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 4K5 Tel: 613-732-8844 Home tel: 613-732-2914 Fax: 613-732-1116 STATUS: Pre-planning stage, prior to organizing. Currently assessing community support. First public meeting, May 17/95. SAINT CLAIR COMMUNITY NETWORK Windsor, Ontario CONTACT: Stephen Karamatos University of Windsor Tel: 519-253-4232, ext. 3006 Paul Rousseau ( University of Windsor Windsor, Ontario Tel: 519-0735-7959 STATUS: Began organizing November 1993. Has received ONIP funding. SARNIA COMMUNITY BBS Sarnia, Ontario CONTACT: Kenneth G. SMY ( Sarnia Community BBS 1012 Lakeshore Rd Sarnia, Ontario, N7V 2V4 Tel: 519-542 7622 STATUS: Organizing. A public information meeting and volunteer sign up is planned for February 1995. SUDBURY REGIONAL COMMUNITY NET Sudbury, Ontario CONTACT: J. Steve Beynon ( Director, Computing and Telecommunications Services Laurentian University, Sudbury, P3E 2C6 Tel: 705-675-1151, ext.2200 Fax: 705-673-6553 STATUS: Organizing 807-CITY (Project becomes THUNDER BAY FREENET in phase II) Lakehead University BB 1043 955 Oliver Road Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 5E1 Tel: 807-343-5103 CONTACT: Board of Directors: Don Watson ( Director of Computing Services Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 5E1 Tel: 807-343-8354 Fax: 807-343-8023 Technical Services: Les Mayes ( Information Providers: Laraine Tapak ( ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Elected Board of Directors when the system is fully open. Technical Services: anyone who wants to join can do so, and all help with tasks ranging from helping users to Unix expertise is welcomed. Information Providers Committee: Subdivided into Health Services, First Nation Services, and Community Services committees who encourage particular groups to become information providers. Also an Information Provider Training Committee helps get new information providers started. MEMEBERS: 807-CITY is divided into Phase I and Phase II. Phase I, "The Promotion of Tourism Through the Internet," is presently open and in progress; we offer a single login account ("guest", no password) which is allowed to browse our gopher. Gopher and WWW servers are available to the rest of internet. Phase I is aimed at tourists outside Thunder Bay and surrounding area. It will be the web server for the 1995 Nordic World Ski Championships in March,1995. Phase II will be a full freenet system and is tentatively scheduled to begin April, 1995. FUNDING: CANARIE grant for the tourism/nordics project. FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: Don Watson initiated the 807-CITY project. Sponsors include Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) who donated an Alpha AXP 3000/500 system; Lakehead University, a very generous supplier of donations in kind; and CANARIE. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: DEC Alpha AXP 3000/500 running DEC OSF/1. The software includes gopher (our primary server and software for the moment) and CERN HTTPD for the World Wide Web. Other standard Unix mail/news etc. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Telnet: login as "guest", press enter when asked for password. Gopher: WWW: modem: 807-346-7870 STATUS: Phase one: (tourism/nordics project), operational. Phase two: (a full freenet system), organizing, and is tentatively scheduled to begin in the first half of 1995. TORONTO FREE-NET Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario Information Tel, Toronto Free-Net Office: 416-979-9242 CONTACT: For media, sponsor, or board related info., contact: Rick Broadhead, Executive Director ( Tel: 416-487-5220 Fax: 416-440-0175 Laine G.M. Ruus ( Secretary, Toronto Free-Net Inc. Data Library Service University of Toronto Library 130 St. George Street Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A5 Tel: 416-978-5365 Richard Malinski ( President, Toronto Free-Net Chief Librarian, Ryerson Polytechnic University Library ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Board of Directors and Three Active Committees: - Hardware/Software Committee - End-User Education Committee - Information Resources Committee USERS: As of December 29, 1994: Approx. 27,000 applications received on-line Approx. 14,000 activated accounts FUNDING (1) User Donations (2) Corporate and Institutional Support: FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: - Government Support; three year Ontario Government grant of $485,000 (ONIP) -In February 1994, Rogers Shared Services, a Division of Rogers Communications, signed a sponsorship five-year agreement to provide facilities management services. (5-year in-kind donation of $450,000) -Sun Microsystems (donation of comuter equipment) -Ryerson Polytechnic University Library provides office space and administrative services -Toronto Sun donated one page of advertising space to run our membership agreement -Many other organizations have assisted with donations of equipment and/or services TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Freeport INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Internet: Telnet to *or* Login as "guest" Modem: 416-780-2010, 14,400 bps, login as "guest" STATUS: Operational as of November 3,1994. TWIN-SAULT REGIONAL FREENET (Working name) An International Free-net in the Ontario Sault Ste. Marie area and the Michigan eastern upper penninisula. CONTACT: Intkhab Ali ( Research Specialist - Technology Department, Ontario Lottery Corp. Tel: 705-946-6497 STATUS: Organizing. An interim board has formed to pursue beginning a Canada-US freenet. Now we have to work out the logistics, funding issues, by-laws, business plan, articles of incorporation, etc. The key benefit from a cross-border freenet is that Sault, Michigan (pop:15,000), which is a much smaller community than Sault, Ontario (pop: 80,000), might not be able to start its own freenet and the Ontario city would expand it's reach to a larger group. The fact that it will be cross-border creates interesting problems. Where do we house the systems? How do we deal with two telephone companies? Where do the volunteers come from? Can we do it under ONIP funding? One idea is to use the Universities. Algoma University College has offered to provide housing and we may be able to convince Lake Superior State University to set up a system there and jointly fund a link between the two. WELLINGTON COUNTY FREESPACE P.O BOX 25042, Stone Road Mall Postal Outlet 435 Stone Road West, Guelph ON N1G 4T4 CONTACT: Gerry Eastman ( Tel (home): 519-638-8951 Tel (work): 519-777-7000 x6896 Gord Lipp ( ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Project includes Guelph FreeSpace (Steering Committee) and North Wellington Computer Access Network. The lead organization for Wellington FreeSpace is the North Wellington Advisory Group, an non-profit grassroots community development agency based in rural Wellington County. Wellington FreeSpace will be one of the first community networks to have a primary mandate to service rural communities. MEMBERS: "Beta" FreeSpace used primarily by steering committee members for organizational use. FUNDING: Guelph and Wellington County received a $250,000 Ontario Network Infrastructure Program grant, March 29, 1995, to launch the Wellington County FreeSpace network. The Provincial funding will cover start-up costs over a three year period. FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: The TeleCommons Development Group, a worker cooperative that supports community networking initiatives and provides Internet consulting and training, was the catalyst for initiating Wellington FreeSpace and mobilizing public support. The Department of Rural Extension Studies, University of Guelph, has provided administrative and financial support to the project and will be assisting with future outreach, training and research work. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: (email/netnews only currently) STATUS: Organizing. The system should be up and running by August 1995. QUEBEC FREE-NET MONTREAL Reseau Electronique du Montreal Metropolitain 030 Beaubien east, #201 Montreal, Quebec H2S 1T4 General E-mail information: Voice mail: 514-990-REMM Fax: 514-278-1498 CONTACT: Andre Laurendeau ( Diane labelle ( Steven Sacks ( ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: * There is a coordinating committee of three people * Three thematic subcommittees - Production (Information Providers and content management) - Technical - Communication and translations * One person for each of: accounting, volunteers and archives MEMEBERS: Estimating membership growth rates: - 50,000 after year one, 75,000 after year two, 100,000 after year three. FUNDING: Gross revenue projections for the next three years: Membership and donations 560,000 14% Services rendered by Free-Net 155,000 4% Government funding 616,000 15% Other donations in goods 593,000 14% Other donations in cash 155,000 4% Volunteer work 2,034,000 49% ========= 4,113,000 FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: Bell Quebec (phone lines), and Universite du Quebec a Montreal (housing and support of computers systems). Many other ongoing negotiations. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Chebucto suite (Pine-Pico-Lynx-Tin), translated in french. Accessible both in french and english INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: STATUS: Organizing. First general public meeting was February 15/16, 1994. A prototype system has been developed and is being refined. Target is to open in the Spring of1995. There are approximately 12 Information Providers already involved, and more than 20 in the negotiations stage. Granted organizing committee status by NPTN. Founding member of Telecommunities Canada. QUEBEC CITY FREENET CONTACT: J.-M. Poulin ( Associate director, Computers and telecommunications service Laval University STATUS: "We held a meeting in November 1994 and had a second in December 1994. We will be, I think, looking for available volunteers for hard work quite soon." (Poulin, Dec 21, 1994) NEW BRUNSWICK FREDERICTON AREA NETWORK INC. Fredericton, New Brunswick CONTACT: Michael J. MacDonald, I.S.P. ( Senior Systems Specialist, Faculty of Computer Science University of New Brunswick Tel: 506-453-4566 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Executive committee Chair: Dale Dunphy Technical Committee Chair: Dr. R Fisher. Ways and Means Chair: Paul Stapleton. Publicity: Marilyn Mosher Media Relations: Steven Sloan Jack of all trades: Michael MacDonald TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: - Would like web...considering freeport. STATUS: - First public meeting June 30, 1994 - Equipment acquisition: September 25, 94 - Ready for test: Dec 3, 94; Pilot: Jan 1 - Mar 31, 95 - Public access: April 1, 95 (this may be an omen) MIRAMICHI CITY COMMUNITY NET Miramichi City, New Brunswick CONTACT: Terry Matthews ( SACKVILLE COMMUNITY NET Sackville, New Brunswick CONTACT: ( SAINT JOHN FREENET Saint John, New Brunswick CONTACT: Les Graham, Interim Chair ( Manager, DPS, City of Saint John 15 Market Square, PO Box 1971, Saint John, N.B., E2L 4L1 Tel: 506-658-2904 Fax: 506-658-4742 Home: 506-632-1699 STATUS: Organizing. "In the process of getting a number of things established at our site." PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Currently, Prince Edward Island does not have any organization equivalent to a community networking association. For information about commercial access and networking activities, there is PEI Net, a local Internet services provider (50% owned by Island Tel). PEI Net supplies a full range of connect and content services and flat rate access across the province. CONTACT: Tel: 902-892-7346 modem: 902-892-5800 NOVA SCOTIA For provincial overview contact: Marion Pape, Nova Scotia Provincial Library, ( As at May 3/95, the Economic Renewal Agency was coordinating the writing of a community networking policy CAPE BRETON COMMUNITY NETWORK (CB Net) P.O. Box 1191, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1P 6J9 CONTACT: Debbie McGean ( Secretary Tel: 902-567-2813. Pat Melski ( Chairman TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: Partnered with two cable companies to make use of existing fibre optic cable and will provide free access to public educational institutions within cable coverage areas. The plan is to provide island-wide access to residents, businesses and educational institutions. STATUS: Organizing. CHEBUCTO FREENET Metro*CAN Society c/o Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computing Science Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 3J5 Tel: 902-494-2449 CONTACT: Renee Davis ( -or- 6234 Summit Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3I 1R7 Tel: 902-424-2862 Fax: 902-424-0129 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Metro Community Access Network Society (Metro*CAN), running Chebucto FreeNet Joan Brown Hicks, Co-chair ( Halifax Regional Library Tel: 902-421-7673 David Trueman, Co-chair ( ( The developer of Chebucto Suite, Systems Manager, Dalhousie Math, Stats and Computing Science, and Co-Chair MEMBERS: March 30, 1995 "Now serving 6,000 accounts -- a number growing at 200 per week -- with 36 phone lines, the freenet is adding 24 additional lines, giving it a total of 60 lines....In the month of March, local and worldwide accesses to this community network exceeded 1 million in one month....During the past 9 months, more than 100 organizations and 500 individuals have been trained to use the system and another 1,000 have attended demonstrations. Volunteers who respond to requests for help have been there 2,600 times. Other volunteers have written about 600 screens of documentation." David Trueman SPONSERS: The loan of a computer system from Iotek Ltd. and a $10,000 donation from Halifax Cable and Access Cable in Dartmouth very early in the development were particularly crucial. The connection to the Internet was greatly facilitated by NSTN Inc. which provides the connection at a reduced rate. Sun Microsystems of Canada has loaned two advanced computer systems which have made possible the expansion to the current capacity. Dalhousie University has provided software development, management of the computer and communications equipment and office space. A grant of $50,000 from the Canada-Nova Scotia Technology Agreement as well as $35,000 in individual contributions have also been crucial in the development to date. The cable companies have also committed to spending another $40,000 to help bring the benefits of the community network to those without their own computer equipment and modem. Public access terminals (PATs), connected via cable, are already available in the Halifax Public Libraries and soon in the Dartmouth libraries. Another was recently opened at The Discovery Centre in cooperation with MT&T, IBM and Dalhousie, and soon, a PAT will be opened at Spencer House. Metro*CAN is committed to seeing PATs throughout the Metro region. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: The software used to run Chebucto, developed at Dalhousie Computing Science, "Chebucto Suite", is being used by freenets developing in Nova Scotia, across Canada, in the United States and countries around the globe. INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Web: You can telnet to CFN at: or dial 902 484-8006, login as guest, no password STATUS: Operational as of June 16, 1994 GOOSCAP ONLINE Wolfville, Nova Scotia STATUS: Organizing GRASSROOTS COMMUNITY NETWORK Antigonish, Nova Scotia STATUS: Operational SOUTHWESTERN COASTAL COMMUNITY NETWORK Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia CONTACT: Paul Surette ( Plymouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: URL: STATUS: Organizing. Homepage above is for demonstration purposes. Planned startup is June 95 NEWFOUNDLAND ST. JOHN'S InfoNET C/O Randy Dodge HH2050 ( Dept. of Computing & Communications Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland A1C 5S7 CONTACT: Randy Dodge ( Organizing Committee and Technical Committee member Tel: 709-737-4594 Fax: 709-737-3514 Louise McGillis ( Organizing Committee member Information Services, Queen Elizabeth II Library Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John's, Newfoundland, A1B 3Y1 Tel: 709-737-7427 Fax: 709-0737-3118 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Organizing Committee - Management Committee - Fundraising/PR Committee - Technical Committee - Information Providers Committee St. John's InfoNET Association - President, V Pres, Sect., Treasurer and up to 3 directors. MEMEBERS: Organizing, only committee members currently have access FUNDING: St. John's InfoNET Association Fundraising FOUNDING SUPPORTERS / SPONSORS: Digital Equipment of Canada, Memorial University of Newfoundland INTERNET SITE ADDRESSES: Gopher: TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: - DEC Alpha 3000/500 STATUS: Operational A parallel rural services and remote communities project, The Newfoundland and Labrador Community Computer Network (NLCCS), is on hold. It will be revived when InfoNET is in full operation.
Date of file: 1995-Nov-22