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Book Log: Dandelion Wine - Capturing summer in a bottle : - )

Theresa Jobateh

2008-Jul-20 09:49

Dandelion Wine
A novel by Ray Bradbury

It had been many, many years since I have read this book. The paperback version I received as a gift last winter was printed in 1957. Wow. There are many new versions out there as well as an audio book! I enjoyed reading this work although once again, I found some of the chapters rather creepy. Some of the characters and stories were slowly revived from my long term memory. I think they would appeal to readers of any age who still nurture an inner child.

I liked how Doug and his brother Tom would write down on a nickel tablet (writing pad) their summertime "revelations and discoveries". I felt comforted by the extended family that lived in the houses side by side and how they would gather on the porches in the evening to watch the sun set, swing and talk for hours. I relished the chapter about Grandma's cooking and the delicious creations she produced for family and boarders despite the disorder and chaos of her kitchen.

The best part or "theme" in the book was Douglas' discovery that he was "alive". It reoccurs throughout the book and comes to a peak near the end when he catches a strange fever. The best adventure I thought was their valiant attempt to rescue the wax figure from the arcade - the "Tarot Witch" whom they thought was being kept prisoner by the owner.

Of course, the title theme of Dandelion Wine is refreshing as Bradbury describes the process of the boys helping to harvest the plants and watching Grandpa press them and preserve the resulting liquid, labeling each bottle for eventual consumption in the dead of winter.

It is only past mid-July and I am happy to have revisited this vividly descriptive creation. Who knows, maybe come mid-March and from under a few feet of snow, I'll want to pick up the book again.

Theresa Jobateh

2010-Aug-09 09:41

As I write about a child's summertime adventures and experiences, Dandelion Wine seeps into my creative space.

There's a Facebook page for it now :-)

I did not know there was a trilogy.


Theresa Jobateh

2012-Feb-24 21:58

Middle of winter. Blankets of snow.

Wish I had some dandelion wine :o)

Guess some Gamay Noir 2009 will do.

John W. Bienko

2012-Feb-26 15:33

The story brought memories..
My father owned a vineyard that we cherished to this day. Every fall we picked only the best ripened grapes just before sunrise, pressed the soggy mess and transferred it to oak liquor barrels, checking the fermentation every morning. Finally the bottling and capping and storage in the wine cellar.
We enjoyed the wine with every meal. At Christmas we delivered bottles of wine to friends, the parish priest and the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

aloha oe

Theresa Jobateh

2012-Feb-26 16:36

Thanks for sharing, John. That must have been fun and very educational. It sure would teach young people about patience and craftsmanship. Could it work today with the distractions of instant gratification?

Did you know... Father Gio grew up on a vineyard too? Wine flows often throughout my novel ;o) but you already knew that.

Theresa Jobateh

2012-May-01 08:39

While riding the bus yesterday about town to perform errands, I noticed knolls covered with bright yellow dandelions. I could smell the aroma of freshly cut grass then thought fondly of Dandelion Wine..

Theresa Jobateh

2012-Jun-06 11:59

Rest in Peace, Ray Bradbury.

Sci-fi author Ray Bradbury dies at 91
"Ray Bradbury, the American writer famous for science fiction novels such as Fahrenheit 451, has died at age 91.
His daughter, Alexandra Bradbury, says her father died Tuesday night in Southern California, but did not give additional details.
Bradbury created a dystopian future in which books were burned in Fahrenheit 451, his best-known novel. He wrote a wide range of fantasy, horror and sci-fi novels and short stories including Cold War morality tale, The Martian Chronicles."

"Bradbury may have resisted modern technology, but he influenced plenty of innovation. The crew of Apollo 15 was so inspired by Bradbury's novel Dandelion Wine, that they named a lunar crater after the book."


Theresa Jobateh

2012-Jun-08 09:47

Thank you Brain Pickings for the Ray Bradbury quotes:

Dwight Williams

2012-Jun-08 17:42

Good quote-linkage choice there...

Theresa Jobateh

2013-May-20 14:03

Meander on over to a recent blog post where I celebrate dandelions.
Oodles of pictures included.

Theresa Jamone

Jun-18 18:06

Four years later and I successfully pushed my copy of the book on one of my offspring, suggesting it could provide a refreshing distraction between studies.
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