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Poem - Listen!

Theresa Jobateh

2008-Mar-02 11:04

Listen! Listen!
You can giggle
amongst yourselves
when Mother pipes in
at dinner,
to bestow her wisdom
and attempts
at educating you
on rules of LIFE.

Cute. Yes, I get it.
I sound like that annoying
little guardian fairy
in one of your video games.

Just f*cking listen!
This is the Legend of YOU,
and depending on
the daily disciplines
and strategies that
you employ,
you WILL hopefully make it
to the next level.

Philosophical ponderings
and references to the Matrix aside,
you will have to believe
that THIS LIFE is not a game.
There is no reset button.

Otherwise, you will maintain
a mediocre level of
life points
and limited REAL LIFE skills.

You will NOT be living
at home with Mother
when you are thirty years old!


T.A. Jobateh
March 2008

"Inspired" in late 2007 during dinner with my three teenagers.
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