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Poem - Requiem for a companion

Theresa Jobateh

2007-Apr-30 19:46

If i could sing,

I would put to music these words,

my lost companion.

It seems so sad

that I lost you when finally

I had committed

to a steady relationship

the past few weeks with you.

I was finally enjoying

the long walks we would take,

listening to lovelorn music

on my iPod.

Each morning

I was appreciating

the sweaty action in my bedroom,


at a steady pace,




(although not really getting anywhere.)

I was finally

feeling good about myself

and how healthy i was to become

how people had noticed a glow

and a spring in my step.


this morning

after 25 minutes

of sweaty action

you stopped!

You made an awful noise

and could not continue

- much to my frustration.

What am I to do?

I did not commit

to the extended warranty.

I am not good with fixing

motors and moving parts.

I am at a loss without you.

I wonder if
there are buff and single treadmill repairmen
if they make house calls?

April 30, 2007

Theresa Jobateh

2008-Feb-09 09:52

So, my broken treadmill poem shimmied its way into the January 2008 edition of OIW's Capital Letter. Rumour has it that a man has responded (in words, if not in action).


John W. Bienko

2008-Feb-09 11:31

My imagination runneth wild.
That was quite the intro.. then the content.. and the ending.. a surprise indeed.
It seems good things.. good feelings.. simply do NOT last forever.
However hope springs eternal.

Theresa Jobateh

2008-May-28 07:28

and then she wrote parts 2 and 3.

It's much nicer getting out on clear streets and sunny, cool mornings for the walks. :-)
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