September Treasurer's Report:

  1. Segregated cash is at $0. This amount is usually offset directly by a liability called "Unearned revenues" as sometimes for projects we receive money in advance of expenses incurred. We need to pursue receiving cash in advance of our efforts more in the future as this helps us stay out of an out of pocket situation.

  2. There is a large receivables balance right now at close to $70,000. We have not yet filed our claims for August or September and in August did a lot of work in the project area that will be refunded (about $49,000 worth). Again – in the future we should pursue as much advance funds as possible so that we don't get in this position of such a low cash balance.

  3. Again accounts payable includes $3,035 of vacation accrual which is calculated only at year end and unchanged throughout the year. As we are close to the end of summer (and vacation season) this is most likely overstated at this time.

  4. Revenue is again less than budget for both renewals and new registration.

  5. Revenue titled 'Deferred Contributions' of $32,000 is offset directly by depreciation expense – this represents capital assets that were donated (or paid for through project claims) and the recapture of funds received. This is why for accounting purposes we recognize the money received at the same rate as we recognize the expense of the capital assets being used in the form of depreciation.