National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Monthly Report of Treasurer
March 2002, for the preceding month

At the end of February, the NCF had $23k in cash, down $26k from January. This is due to three large payments: $18.2k to IKON, $4.4k to Carleton University for the phone lines, and $3.3k to KPMG for the audit.

Revenues were good. Donations from new members were 5% under budget at $2124, which is 15% above the figure for the same period last year. Donations from renewing members were slightly above budget at $15 317, 12% above last February's number.

With the Smart Capital agreement now signed, the revenue has been recognised for this and the prior year. Receivables include: Smart Capital $15.3k, HRDC Web Mail $5.0k, and Volnet $1.1k.

David Millman