National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Monthly Report of Treasurer
June 2001, for the preceding month

The NCF spent $4641 over budget in May, which was $412 more than it earned. This is a concern since historically May is a month when the NCF is putting on fat for the lean months ahead.

The shortfall was roughly evenly attributable to revenues and expenses.

On the revenue side, we were only $2447 short of budget despite being $4025 under in renewal donation revenue, due primarily to three unexpected revenues: $595 from corporate sponsorships, $628 from the Web Mail project, and $587 from VolNet web hosting.

On the expenses side, we spent $2276 more than anticipated on Administration and professional fees, and $628 more than anticipated on the Web Mail project, in all finishing the month $1566 over budgeted expenses.

NCF finished the month with $59017 in cash.

David Millman