National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Phil Linttell - Candidate

As a teenager, I ran a UseNet feed and a Fido Bulletin Board System, and came to believe that the primary purpose of computing was to help people communicate and express themselves.

After 30 years of helping create commercially successful products and services in Mobile, Cloud and IT Services (including the first smartphone platform) I still believe that the purpose of computing is to bring us closer together.

What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?

I have over 25 years experience in Product Marketing and Product Management in Mobile, Cloud and IT Services. I am adept at assessing markets, developing strategic vision and plans, and identifying new opportunities, business models and partnerships to drive growth. I have strategic approach and a strong technology background that helps me to adapt quickly.

My skills include: Strategic Planning, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Positioning, Go-to-Market Strategy, Launch Planning, Vision, Technology Road-maps, Product Life-cycle Management, Business Development and Strategic Parter Management.

What are the most important functions of the NCF for its members?

The internet is now central to education, commerce, communications, government, and entertainment. Access to the internet is a new utility, essential in our everyday lives. The most important mission for the NCF is to help ensure universal, high-speed access to the internet for all residents.

The NCF should provide a competitive alternative to the major commercial service providers, support public services and regional development initiatives, and support educational initiatives to get people on-line.

To it's members the NCF should provide reliable internet access that is cost/performance competitive, responsive support, responsible management, and protection of their privacy.

Why do you want to be an NCF director?

The next phase of the internet is about Engagement. Providing access to the internet is an important public service, and needs to include all elements of society. We can't afford to leave people behind. Contributing to the NCF lets me continue to help people to communicate and express themselves.

On a personal level, becoming an NCF director helps me to gain more experience in managing companies, to expand my network, and support my career development.

I'm particularly interested in the evolution of the NCF, and issues such as providing rural broadband, introduction of new services, marketing NCF services more effectively, and finding ways for the NCF to support the growth of the region -- such as providing internet access and hosting services to local start-ups.