National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Jim Nubel - Candidate

Interest in becoming a member of the Board of Directors:

My interest in becoming a member of NCF's Board of Directors reflects a commitment and passion in community economic development (i.e. collective community strategies that promote development by the community itself) developed over the years though my involvement in a variety of business and economic development related activities as noted in my biography. I have gained insights, knowledge and an appreciation of those elements of our community that need to grow and/or change in order to enhance our quality of life and economic opportunity.

Specific projects that I have been involved in highlight the importance and value of developing the capacity for all members of our society to have ready access to a computer, the internet, and the ability to learn, work and correspond within their personal world. One project was the province's Smart Growth Initiative for Easter Ontario in which the panel made over fifty recommendations to the province in its final report focused on quality of life, environment and economic issues. One of the key recommendations was the importance of broadband and high speed communication and how it can serve as a catalyst for economic development and a means of improving access and delivery for a range of community services such as health and education. Another project was development of the Eastern Ontario Broadband Coalition the focus of which is to develop a broad based collaborative effort to provide high speed internet coverage to the un-served residents, businesses and institutions across eastern Ontario.

My many years in the world of business and related activities including connects to the non-for-profit sector and three levels of government has provided a base of knowledge and understanding that I can bring to the NCF organization in our efforts to maintain, enhance and grow the organization.


Employed by Enbridge Gas Distribution formerly the Consumers Gas Company for over thirty- four years in several management positions which included responsibility for sales & marketing in Eastern Ontario for twelve years and Manager of Government Energy Services prior to retirement which focused on the development of an utility economic development strategy for the company intended on building relationships and opportunities with the company's key stakeholders. The on-going restructuring of the energy industry and company involved a number of assignments to include development of the sales & marketing component of the company; customer focused business development opportunities and the development of a marketing strategy for gas distribution in the Maritime Provinces.