National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

John Wenuk

What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?

I served as a director on the Board of the Ottawa-Carleton Home Builder's Association, and I co-chaired The Renovation Council of the Ottawa Carleton Home Builder's Association. The skills required to envision, create and manage a successful small business in Ottawa's residential renovation industry are what I'll bring to the NCF Board of Directors. My ability as a negotiator delivering products and services has allowed my business to flourish. More about my business can be found at my web site, My strong interest is in uniting the technical and financial resources that may be available to NCF such that the vision and service of NCF will continue to improve and grow.

What do you think are the most important functions of NCF for its members?

As an organization owned by its members, I believe an important function of NCF is to serve the interests of its members. I would like to see NCF operate as a strong sustainable public internet service provider, and to organize internet services desired by its members, returning good value for member donations through partnerships and sponsorships. An important function of NCF is to help people get started with the internet.

Why do you want to be an NCF Director?

Part of my personal vision is to help harness the enormous resources that exist at present in the community around us. I anticipate satisfaction from working with the NCF board to guide and care for an organization providing significant services to NCF's members and the Ottawa community. I look forward to valuable volunteer experience through the opportunity to work with the largest FreeNet in the world.


The experience that I will bring to the NCF board is primarily the experiences accumulated through many years of building and operating a successful, local business. As a director of my own company, I have created and overseen my company's corporate mission to provide the best service in my industry. I have been accountable and legally responsible managing all the aspects of my business since its incorporation. I have experience promoting a business to the community through various advertising mediums and made the daily business decisions that typically confront small organizations. I review the financial aspects of my business monthly and make necessary decisions to optimize corporate growth within the budget guidelines I have set. As an employer I make decisions related to securing the best advisors and employee talent within my budget. I have created and managed a large database and built and maintained a loyal talent base within my community. Through establishing and maintaining a viable business I have understood the legal and ethical considerations necessary for financial success.

As a candidate for the NCF Board of Directors I feel my strengths include a thorough understanding of organizational operations in profit and not-for-profit organizations. I have experience establishing and reviewing the policies and organizational structure of organizations. I understand the necessities of constitutions and bylaws and how they govern activities. As a director of my own business and as a past Board Member of The Ottawa Carleton Home Builder's Association I have experience reviewing financial statements, audits and budgets to ensure that financial objectives are understood and met. As a volunteer I have worked with other Board Members and staff collectively to insure profit or not-for-profit organizations are managed well. I have experience working collectively to recognize, initiate and approve strategies that will move an organization towards its short and long term goals.

In addition, I volunteer as a photographer with the Canadian Museum of Civilization and I help serve meals in my community's soup kitchen.

I hope to use my experience in business and not-for-profit organizations to help NCF provide better services at a lower expense to it Members.


John Wenuk