National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

NCF Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting
November 4, 2017 


  • The NCF's 25th anniversary event on Thursday September 28, 2017 was well attended and enjoyed!
  • The 25th event included the launch of the book "aa000 25 Years of National Capital FreeNet"!
  • Digital Access Day kicked-off on Tuesday, October 24th (NCF is a founding member)
  • The Low Income Services Handbook is done and being launched.

Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors

The meeting was called to order at 9:17 a.m. with Chris Cope as Chair and Graeme Beckett as Secretary.


Board members present:
Christopher Cope (bz787) Chair
Peter Chapman (fx720) 1st Vice-Chair
Graeme Beckett (aw958) Secretary
Martin Dubois (fl152)
Jennifer Barrigar (bc839)
Lauren Gardner (fy923)
Diana Cantu (fz160)

Peter MacKinnon (fr198) 2nd Vice-Chair
Pete de Lepper (fx621)
George Munoz (fz877)  

NCF Management/Staff present:
Executive Director: Shelley Robinson

Peter Levesque

Once around the table.
Informal pre-meeting conversation, with Directors taking turn offering personal views and commentary on interesting things that might not make it to the Agenda.

  1. Confirmation of Quorum

    Quorum was confirmed.
  2. Review of the Agenda 

    MOTION: To accept agenda as circulated.
    Moved by: Jennifer Barrigar (bc839)
    Seconded by: Martin Dubois (fl152)
    VOTE All in favor.
    VOTE: Adopted
  3. Review of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

     Motion to accept the minutes of September 26, 2017 as circulated.
    Moved by:  Peter Chapman (fx720)
    Seconded by: Lauren Gardner (fy923)
    VOTE All in favor.
    VOTE: Adopted
  4. Reports  
    1. Executive Director's Report (Shelley Robinson)

      Shelley distributed her ED report in advance of the meeting for both the open and in-camera sessions of the meeting. 

      Select Highlights from ED Report

      As of September 1/17: 3231 members
      As of October 1/17: 3266 members
      As of October 23/17: 3279
      Projection for October 31/17: 3275 members
      (As of October 1/16: 3063 members)
      (As of October 1/15: 2982 members)


      ● DSL member subscriptions continue to increase week over week
      ● The 10G routers and related equipment have arrived! Andre and Michael
      have started installation, we’ll post information in newsletter and on
      StartPage about some potential outages as we transition.
      ● We are currently only selling Smart-RG modems as we are sold out of
      ADSL modems and none are available to order. Will be dropping the price
      from $105 to $100 + HST, available in three to four installation payments

      ● Digital Access Day kick-off on Tuesday, October 24th at Metrpolitain
      Brasserie on Sussex.
      ● 53 people have registered so far
      ● The Low Income Services Handbook is done and being launched as part
      of the Access = Skills = Opportunities grant on Thursday, October 26th at
      6:30 at Foster Farm Community Centre
      ● Attended Centre for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) breakfast
      about social finances (cool case study of Eat More Soup!)
      ● Ongoing weekly meetings with our partners CompuCorps and Internet Society
      Canada Chapter (ISCC) re: Digital Access Day
      ● Attended CompuCorps’ AGM, introduced NCF, gave out some anniversary
      books, encouraged people to get involved with Digital Access Day
      ● Attended Connected Canada 150 keynote with Hillary Hartley, Chief
      Digital Officer of Ontario
      ● Attended ISOC’s Internet Governance meet-up: was good, they’re
      planning on making it monthly

      25th anniversary:
      ● 183 people registered with turnout of 150+
      ●  coverage on CBC Radio One’s “All in a Day”
      ●  Book donations of $1020 from the launch
      ● Positive feedback in person and on social media

      The above was the open portion/session of the Executive Director's Report.
    2. In-Camera Portion of the Executive Director's Report

      To move in-camera.
      Moved by: Diana Cantu (fz160)
      Seconded by: Lauren Gardner (fy923)
      VOTE All in favor.
      VOTE: Adopted

      To move out of camera.
      Moved by: Jennifer Barrigar (bc839)
      Seconded by: Martin Dubois (fl152)
      VOTE All in favor.
      VOTE: Adopted

      To receive the Executive Director's Report.
      Moved by: Diana Cantu (fz160)
      Seconded by: Pete de Lepper (fx621)
      VOTE All in favor.
      VOTE: Adopted
  5. Ongoing Business
    1. None
  6. New Business 
    1. None
  7. Announcements

    For personal reasons board member Carole Charest (fz871) resigned from the board prior to the board meeting.

    MOTION: To thank Carole for her involvement as a board member.
    Moved by: Graeme Beckett (aw958)
    Seconded by: Lauren Gardner (fy923)
    VOTE All in favor.
    VOTE: Adopted
  8. Date of Next Meeting

    The next regular meeting will be November 28, 2017
    NCF Offices, Suite 206 Richmond Square, 1305 Richmond Rd.
  9. Adjournment

    The meeting adjourned at 9:43am.

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