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NCF Board of Directors
Minutes of Online Meeting
April 1, 2015 

Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. with Mike Kelly as Chair and Graeme Beckett as Secretary.


Board members present:
Mike Kelly (fm342) Chair
Peter MacKinnon (fr198) 1st Vice-Chair
Peter Chapman (fx720) 2nd Vice-Chair
Graeme Beckett (aw958) Secretary
Alan McRae (fl334) Treasurer
Tom Moore (fw054)
David Hudson (fx717)
Phil Linttell (fx714)
Jennifer Barrigar (bc839)
Christopher Cope (bz787)


NCF Management/Staff present:


Once around the table.
Informal pre-meeting conversation, with Directors taking turn offering personal views and commentary on interesting things that might not make it to the Agenda.

  1. Confirmation of Quorum

    Quorum was confirmed
  2. Agenda

    The only item on the agenda is the resolution to authorize NCF's signing officers.
  3. Signing Officers

    Action item:

    At the request of our new Executive Director Shelley Robinson and Chair Mike Kelly, a priority item for the Board is to quickly update the NCF's signing officers. Since we are using a written resolution (email) we do require all board members to vote.

    Motion: To designate the NCF's signing officers to be Mike Kelly (Chair), Peter MacKinnon (1st Vice-Chair), Peter Chapman (2nd Vice Chair), Graeme Beckett (Secretary) and Shelley Robinson (Executive Director).
    Moved by: Mike Kelly (fm342)
    Seconded by: Graeme Beckett (aw958)
    Mike Kelly (fm342) Chair: yea
    Peter MacKinnon (fr198) 1st Vice-Chair: yea
    Peter Chapman (fx720) 2nd Vice-Chair: yea
    Graeme Beckett (aw958) Secretary: yea
    Christopher Cope (bz787): yea
    Tom Moore (fw054): yea
    Phil Linttell (fx714): yea
    Jennifer Barrigar (bc839): yea
    Robert McRae (fy409): yea
    VOTE: All in favor
    VOTE: Adopted
  4. Date of Next Meeting

    The next regular meeting will be January 20, 2014,
    NCF Offices, Suite 206 Richmond Square, 1305 Richmond Rd.
  5. Adjournment

    The meeting adjourned Thursday April 2, at 10:49 a.m.

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