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NCF Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting
November 25, 2010


Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors

Held on November 25, 2010 
Suite 302, Trailhead Building
1960 Scott Street

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. with Gary Eikenberry as Chair and Graeme Beckett as Secretary.


    Board members present:

    Gary Eikenberry (aa353) 1st Vice-president / Chair
    Graeme Beckett (aw958) Secretary
    Don Francis (ba990)
    Peter MacKinnon (fr198)
    Amy Yee (fp017)
    Mark Mielke (al278)
    Jim Nubel (fm776)
    Doug Hull (aa800)
    Mike Kelly (fm342)

    Christopher Cope (bz787), President
    Alan McRae (fl334) Treasurer

    NCF Management/Staff present:
    Rowland Few (fp085), Executive Director

    Once around the table . . .
    Informal pre-meeting conversation, with Directors taking turn offering personal views and commentary on interesting things that might not make it to the Agenda.

  2. Confirmation of Quorum

    Quorum was confirmed.
  3. Review of the Agenda
    (see draft agenda)

    The agenda was adopted as presented

    MOTION: That the agenda be adopted.
    Moved by: Doug Hull (aa800)
    Seconded by: Graeme Beckett (aw958)
    VOTE: All in favor. 
    VOTE: Carried.

  4. Review of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting.
    1. Review of the minutes of the October 19 Meeting.
      MOTION: Accept the minutes of the April 2010 meeting with a spelling correction.
      Moved by: Peter MacKinnon (fr198)
      Seconded by:  Graeme Beckett (aw958)
      VOTE All in favor.
      VOTE: Carried
  5. Ongoing Business
    1. 2011 Budget

      The Executive Director circulated in advance of the meeting a draft budget with scenarios including no DSL subscription increase, and with DSL subscription increases. Also included in the budget scenarios were the forecast effects of Usage Based Billing (UBB) which has come about as a result of the CRTC approving Bell's request to assign extra fees for individual accounts that exceed a prescribed download limit (CRTC Document: CRTC 2010-255). Much of the discussion centered on UBB and its potential impact on the NCF, the NCF's reserve fund and also the desire to introduce new services and extend the office support services.

      To accept the budget as proposed by the Executive Director on November 25 2010.
      Moved by: Jim Nubel (fm776)
      Seconded by: Doug Hull (aa800)
      VOTE: All in favor. 
      VOTE: Carried
  6. Reports 
    1. There were no reports scheduled.
  7. New Business
    1. There was no new business scheduled.
  8. Announcements

    The year end dinner will take place at Napoli's Restaurant  December 15, 2010.
  9. Date of Next Meeting

    January 18, 2011, at 7 p.m.    (Later revised to January 27, 2011)
    Suite 302, Trailhead Building
    1960 Scott Street

  10. Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

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