Mr. Sandy Campbell
National Capital FreeNet
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5B6

Dear Sandy,

Please convey this letter to the Board of Directors, under the terms of our contract,
as notice of my intention to resign as Executive Director of National Capital FreeNet.

This is not the ideal time for NCF to have to seek out a new Executive Director, but
I am confident that we can arrange that the transition will be as smooth and productive
as possible for NCF, as well as for myself.

To allow a reasonable minimum time for the Board to search for a replacment, and
to allow time for me to help the person become familiar with the details of current and
future requirements, the effective date of my resignation will be November 30, 2002.
The new Executive Director would, of course, assume that title as soon as appointed.

The 18 months as Executive Director of NCF have been an interesting experience and
challenge for me. I am satisfied that my efforts, supported by the Board and many
volunteers, have laid a solid foundation for achievement of long-term stability.

Please be assured of my continuing dedication to the NCF 'concept' and my
continuing support and good wishes in the future. My services will be available to
NCF as a consultant in the months and years ahead, and also as a
member-volunteer as circumstances permit.


Ian MacEachern
September 17, 2002