“Formation of a Committee to Find an Executive Director”
A Motion to be Considered at the Dec18 Board Meeting


This motion forms a committee to find an Executive Director.  Material below explains why it is felt that NCF can afford an Executive Director.




Total cash expenses, including modems, internet fees, and compensation for a three person model (Executive Director, Office Manager, System Administrator) are expected to be $220K in 2001, and NCF is expected to start 2001 with $40K in the bank.  Do members want the benefits of a three person model, and are they willing to fund it?  Is there a credible plan with manageable risk that could raise at least $190K in 2001, preferably $220K or more?  If so, it is reasonable to search for an Executive Director to lead the organization.  If not, some other organizational alternative must be used until the organization can get back its strength.


Possible preparation for this discussion:


Note that while about 2/3 of members may not be opposed to a fee (see February 2000 survey), there is thought to be substantial benefit to NCF (and thus to members) to remain donation-based.


Some ways to raise donations:

To implement a change of renewals, the renewal cycle could be suspended immediately to give time (eg., a month) to develop and get feedback on changes, and to introduce new services and plans that would increase the confidence of members in the value of NCF.  Good communication is the key.


Contingency plans:


Just changing the guidance in the renewal letter to that which was used successfully several years ago may be sufficient to cover expenses in 2001.  Additionally, there are the other donation-earning items above.  With a contingency plan also, it seem quite reasonable to proceed with finding an Executive Director to make it all happen.


Having determined the organization that would give members the best results, and that there likely is a credible way to fund it, the next step is to find someone to lead the organization.  That person will be guided by NCF’s focus for 2001 and the rough plan sketched out above.  Working out the details of the plan will be the person’s first job.  Candidates and the interviewing team will evaluate together whether the candidate has what it takes to make a plan and execute it successfully.


With an ED in place, board members can return to governing the organization, knowing that there is a single person in charge working a plan, and members and the community can look forward to the benefits.  Not bad, for only $6 per month!


Features of a good candidate should be listed, and might include:


Good candidates will be attracted by a challenging description of the job and by its unique potential and exciting scope, and may be willing to settle for a lower compensation level than they might find in other lesser opportunities.