ED update October 01, 2009 to December 31, 2009

  In the fourth quarter of the year NCF recorded a net income of -$16.2K versus a budgeted deficit of -$13.6K and the cash reserve still remains very healthy. The capital purchases include one new server.

  We continue to see an increasing percentage of members using our high-speed DSL services 2330 in total. New DSL members are switching internet providers while existing members are upgrading their connectivity and wish to maintain their support of NCF and it members. Local support remains a strong theme for members visiting the office.

  From an infrastructure perspective NCF has invested and commissioned a new back-up server. Future plans include a installing a new Gateway server and redundant servers for mail, database and storage. Carleton has completed its upgrade with the final move in November and I would like to thank the team at Carleton for accommodating our requests for minimal down times and their support with moving of servers and cables.

  During this quarter we commenced a review of the FAQ and problem reporting system to simplify member communication with the office. The updates will be implemented early in the New Year.

  We continue to build the member support team and have been very fortunate with members volunteering their time in the office and on-line thank you.