The National Capital FreeNet

Executive Committee


July 9, 2002


Prepared by: Chris Cope (bz787)

July 16, 2002


The National Capital FreeNet Executive Committee met on the 9th of July 2002 at Master's Brew Pub, 330 Queen St. Ottawa.


Committee members present:          Chris Cope (bz787)

Sandy Campbell (dt820)

Gary Eikenberry (aa353)

Andrea Holland (es170)        

Ian MacEachern (bi207)


Regrets:                                             Gibby Armstrong (et091)



Chris Cope, acting as Chair (and Secretary) called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.


The following matters were discussed:


  1. June Results: ED Ian MacEachern drew the Committee’s attention to the June results, noting that donations were considerably lower than Budget. He noted however, that the pattern this June was similar to June results in previous years and explained that the linear distribution of revenue in the Budget did not reflect the reality of what had been experienced for several years. The Committee also felt that it was difficult to consider a single month’s results and that the Board ought to have an opportunity to review a revised annual forecast, which reflected results and trends so far this year.


Action Item:  The Executive Director and Treasurer will prepare a revised financial forecast.



  1. Plan To Increase Donations It was thought that some of the recent service improvements including new, more reliable servers and SPAM tools would help to attract new members and retain existing ones, but that an effort ought to be made to broadcast knowledge of these improvements.


MacEachern also discussed a project to develop a comprehensive marketing plan by extracting the best ideas from three different reports. The Committee commended this activity, but suggested that the final plan ought to be an “executable” plan rather than a strategy definition.


Action Item:  The Executive Director will develop and implement a plan to market NCF to existing and potential new members, and in particular to disseminate information about recent service improvements.



  1. New Sysadmin: The Executive Director reported on his recent hiring of Glen Jackman as 2nd Sysadmin, to work on projects with André Dalle. Previous to joining NCF as a volunteer, and his subsequent hiring for the number two Sysadmin position, Jackman worked for Nortel.



4.     Complaints Resolution Committee: It was noted that The Board Liaison to the Complaints Resolution Committee was now vacant. David Millman had held the position until his recent resignation from the Board.


Action Item:  Appointment of a CRC Board Liaison will be discussed at the next NCF Board meeting.



  1. Next meeting: The next scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee is August 13, 2002 at a venue to be determined.



  1. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.