National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Graeme Beckett

Candidate to be elected to the
National Capital FreeNet Board of Directors

Why does NCF's work matter?

The NCF as a not-for-profit provides affordable internet access with a diverse and exceptional help-desk. With the National Capital FreeNet your help is local and not displaced on another continent. How great is that! Without alternative internet service providers the large incumbent players have no competition and will drive prices higher. With the recent CRTC ruling over wholesale pricing we've seen how the large incumbent ISP's use every means possible means to block lower prices and have even managed to manipulate the CRTC! Thankfully NCF does not cater to shareholders.

NCF operates in our community as a social by providing low cost internet through our Community Access Fund. Community workshops provide skills to safely navigate the online world. Cyber security and privacy are paramount to keep your life and assets secure. Covid of course has temporarily put in-person workshops on hold. Another aspect is that NCF provides email services hosted in Canada which is an important element for some of our members.

How do you plan to use your skills to further NCF in its mission?

I'm currently the Secretary of National Capital FreeNet's board and have been a board member for about 18 years. We've had many good years and great projects along the way! Most FreeNets have disappeared yet the NCF has endured because of dedicated staff and guidance and commitment from our Board members.

I believe affordable internet is more than necessary in today's world. Communicating with government, loved ones, banking and finances, work, social communication, shopping, health, we see virtually every aspect of our lives has moved online. With Covid, online access became absolutely essential. I will help ensure we continue with reasonable pricing and look to new projects and more diverse service offerings that members can benefit from. Higher access speeds are among the top requested items for members and families with so many bandwidth intensive activities and connected devices. Continuing our Community Access Fund and being a social enterprise rather than just an ISP is a commitment and also to see that NCF increase its economies of scale to help drive down prices for everyone!

Graeme Beckett (aw958)