National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Martin Dubois - Candidate

What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?

Some skills that I bring to NCF board are:

  • Strategic thinking: I am able to keep the big picture in mind at all times; and
  • Analytical skills: my experience in business analysis help me review and analyse different perspectives while keeping the analysis in light of strategic goals

What are the most important functions of the NCF for its members?

The most important function of NCF is to offer an alternative to the “big” Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that gives back to the community through value-added workshops, and plays an advocate role for fair access to the Internet.

Why do you want to be an NCF director?

My ties to NCF go back to the 90's. NCF is a community that I feel part of. I’m a member not a subscriber, which on its own says a lot; NCF values its members. I want to give back.

Martin Dubois (al432)