National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Carole Charest - Candidate

What skills will you contribute to the National Capital FreeNet (NCF) board?

My involvement in not-for-profit organisations started in high school where I was a member of the Board of Representatives for La Fédération des Élèves du Secondaire Franco-Ontarien. Being a humanitarian by nature, I strongly believe in equality and accessibility for all. I am also a very logical person with high analytical skills and trust that my experience in economics and finance as well as working within not-for-profit organisations, would be an asset for NCF.

What do you think are the most important functions of the NCF for its members?

Internet accessibility is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. In order for individuals to be able to participate actively in any community they need to be connected. The secure, low-cost connectivity offered by NCF removes barriers. Helping members to connect and offering workshops to help them become more comfortable using it is a great accomplishment.

Why do you want to be an NCF director?

NCF actually makes a difference in the quality of life of its members. By offering affordable high-quality, secure internet access it enables members to connect to their community as well as the world. Internet is now an integrated part of schools and employment. It is no longer an option it is a must have. I would like to be part of NCF and contribute in making communication available, affordable and safe.