National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Executive Director's Report

For the year of 2009

2009 was a rewarding and busy year at NCF. We welcomed many new members, volunteers, office staff and upgraded servers while continuing to serve existing members in the National Capital Region. Continued support has ensured the organization is in good financial standing.

An increasing percentage of members are using our high-speed DSL services and starting to unlock the potential of the internet with the higher speeds available through DSL technology. Members now access movies, video and TV via the internet.

Donations were down from the previous year as more and more members switch to high speed internet access. We aim to keep the price of the DSL service as low as possible and would remind DSL members that their support with donations is still appreciated so that we can assist others less fortunate, though our dial-up services.

Volunteers continue to play an important role in the functioning of the NCF, in the office, on the phone, aiding registrations, writing documentation, and especially in helping other members by answering technical questions on-line. 2009 saw an increase of the number of our volunteers. As members switch over to high speed internet services, an increased level of support is required to ensure that members have the highest quality of connection.

We have been very fortunate in finding new support staff for the office. This transition has been smooth courtesy of the previous support team providing exceptional training and guidance, therefore ensuring that many NCF traditions continue.

2009 also saw some significant changes to Carleton’s Hosting facilities with a complete server room upgrade. The upgrade was very professionally managed by Carleton enabling NCF to provide advance notice of network down time. We have also commenced upgrading our servers - this first being the web hosting server. This will continue in 2010.

NCF is a community organization with local support and outreach that provides high quality internet services. NCF is helping to make the National Capital Region a better place by helping local residents and their organizations enjoy the benefits of the internet. The "members-helping-members" and the "DSL at NCF" discussion groups are more active than ever, providing a depth of knowledge that a normal "help" desk would be hard pressed to match - thank you.

Our space in the Trailhead building is popular with members; more visit us each day. For many of our members, being able to visit the people who make their internet services work is a big advantage, whether problem solving or just getting advice. We live here, just like you. We want Ottawa to be a better place to live.

Rowland Few
Executive Director
National Capital FreeNet