National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Graeme Beckett - Candidate


Graeme Beckett provides services as a computer consultant along with webmastering, design and web hosting. He has also offered Internet and web design courses. Graeme has been a member and volunteer assisting with the National Capital FreeNet for over 13 years and has been a member of the NCF's Board of Directors for 9 years. During his time on the NCF's Board he served a year as NCF's President and has served on several committee's. During his time as a volunteer he also served for several years as the NCF's Help-Desk Coordinator and with the Documentation Team. Last year Graeme served as NCF's AGM Chair and has represented the NCF to OPCUG (Ottawa PC Users Group) and the Canadian Police College.

Graeme's main emphasis for the NCF is "Reliable, affordable, high speed DSL and dial-up service plus email along with pleasant support services in a office located in Ottawa for individuals located in our region." Graeme looks forward to contributing to the NCF's Strategic Planning Committee in the next term in order to intensify the growth of the NCF membership and provide the finances required to enhance our support services for members and to provide further upgrading of the NCF's older equipment for improved reliability and additional services.

Graeme currently serves on the NCF Board of Directors (elected in 2000) and is Secretary of the Board. Graeme has been a member of NCF from its early days (he holds NCF account ID "aw958").