National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Rowland Few - Candidate

Hi Folks,

We moved to Ottawa from the UK 11 years ago and during this time I have worked in Hi-tech for several start-ups and large organizations. My roles have ranged from engineer to engineering manager to Director of business development. Currently I am driving a Carleton University and Ontario Government program to ensure companies that use Open Source Software or Hardware succeed and establishing ecosystems to support their growth and job creation.

What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?

I believe my engineering/management skills, business knowledge plus social innovation experience via open source will be able to help the current NCF team (Members, board and staff) fully leverage current services and new opportunities of social networking/Web2.0. I hope to be able to promote NCF at local academic institutions, not-for-profits, Government and industry.

What do you think are the most important functions of NCF for its members?

The members of NCF have entrusted the board and team with promoting and supporting the NCF message. I believe NCF offers it's members reliable internet access with friendly, local support and the opportunity to drop by the office to talk one-one with the support team. This in part reinforces the community and collaboration expected by members. In addition, as the internet becomes a part of every day life NCF will be able to support all who need this service ensuring equal access.

Why do you want to be an NCF Director?

Ottawa is my family's home and it's time to give back. I have only recently become aware of NCF and very impressed by it's achievements and mission. I would like to work with the team and members supporting the Ottawa community with internet access and community services enabled by the internet.


March 2008