National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Frank Cardo - Candidate

A career in Film and Television production has given an unusual opportunity to meet people from every walk of life. From the famous and powerful to the little guys who make this country work. I believe I have excellent commutative skills and I am a very good listener.

I am problem solver and when I don't have a solution I go the experts and listen, then make a decision.

I have a broad experience in management with control over salary and operational budgets.

In my work in television production I have provided guidance to artistically skilled and creative staff.

I have been active in the educational system in Ottawa as President of several PTA Associations.

I served on the executive of the Bel-Air Minor Hockey Association for many years. An unknown fact, my wife, Muriel, and I were the key players in the beginning of girls hockey in Ottawa. As the parents of five girls (one boy) we thought, why isn't there organized sports for girls like there is for boys. At the time there were two or three competitive girls teams that were virtually unknown. We presented our plan to the Bel-Air Executive who then gave the idea full support. We contacted the other House Leagues (non competitive) who also immediately supported it. An executive was formed and a constitution written. Next season it was a fact beginning with Junior teams. Eventually up to Seniors teams with no age limit. The rest is history.

Important functions for the members of the NCF I think should be get the message out that NCF is here and is a great local service. Continue to provide the best service possible. And possibly a little more help to the newbies via the NCF web site.

Why Have I agreed to be a candidate?

In searching for a more reliable Internet Service Provider, I came across the excellent web Site of the NCF and discovered that they have High Speed at the best price in town. My research brought me to John Selwyn and Daniel in technical, it was an easy decision to choose NCF. In helping other inexperience people with there ISP problems, the major players is not the way to look for service. John Selwyn approached me later and asked if I would consider being a candidate for the board and after listening to him and reading much about the organization, I am impressed. Perhaps I can help and would like to.

Frank Cardo