National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Michael Fletcher - Candidate

Michael Fletcher or 'Fletch' is a Certified General Accountant with over thirty years of consulting experience in a variety of industries. He works with entrepreneurs, especially those from First Nations, who want to improve their business planning, financing and operations, and with Government managers who want their staff to better deal with their business communities.

Mr. Fletcher started work in Toronto in the cultural industries (radio, magazine publishing, book publishing and films), spent two years in Montreal in banking and then moved to Ottawa to work with the high-tech community. For the last six years he has been working with aboriginal communities and entrepreneurs across the country to help them improve their management practices and put together financing packages for business and community projects. He has also worked a lot with not-for-profit associations, from community organizations to charities. Michael has visited every province and territory in Canada and has also worked internationally.

He brings strong management and accounting skills to FreeNet, having worked for the last eighteen months as its Treasurer. He is particularly interested in developing a cohesive long-term vision for the organization to ensure that it is able to adapt and grow to the changes in technology and its methods of delivery, as well as electronic media and content.

Michael Fletcher