National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Tony McNeill - Candidate

Hi, I'd like to provide a bit of my background. I've been living in the Ottawa valley since 1976, except for 3 years that I spent in New Brunswick for family reasons. I have held management and senior management positions in various companies since 1984 including Mitel, Newbridge, fONOROLA, Irving Corporation, Fundy Cable, WindDance and Coventus, and I am now at DragonWave. I have spent a good portion of my time introducing new products to the marketplace. I have helped to create a number of Internet products and services including fONOROLA Internet - which later became I*STAR Internet, the WindDance Breeze - an award-winning Internet Gateway Appliance, and the e-Commerce online registration system for the New Brunswick Community College. I have been heavily involved with the Internet since 1993 with my first exposure to NSFnet occurring in 1987.

Why do you want to be an NCF director?

I have always been impressed by the NCF, its history and the participation and drive of its members. I had been involved as an eager supporter at an early stage of the NCF and participated with Dave Sutherland by providing presentations and seminars - including some which were filmed and which ran on Rogers Cable. I had been living in Arnprior and therefore could not easily participate as an online member but I feel I helped to promote NCF through my volunteer efforts and in being a public advocate of NCF.

I have spent many years with other volunteer organizations and now as my children move on from high school I find that I am more able to commit to areas in which are of a more personal interest such as NCF. I wish to be part of this great team and serving on the board would be a way for me to actively contribute. I feel I have a lot to offer. I see this as a great opportunity to work with some excellent people and to learn from a wide variety of people at NCF.

What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?

I believe I can help by applying the experience, personal contacts and problem-solving skills that I have acquired over the years. I have been quite successful in introducing new products, ideas and services and have quite a bit of experiencing in deploying large networks throughout the world. I can enlist the assistance of other persons where necessary, can work very well in a team environment and can also work independently should the opportunity arise.

I have been actively involved in volunteer organizations all my life in areas such as fundraising, advisory groups, as a technical consultant to non-profit groups and as a coach and organizer of children's sports. A few examples include: Easter Seals / Ottawa Flying Club Fly Day Committee (Fundraising), Technical Consultant to the Black Cultural Centre of New Brunswick, Marketing Advisor to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the Association of New Brunswick Museums, Board Member of New Brunswick Information Technology Alliance and Member of New Brunswick Premier's Forum on IT Technology Skills, and IT Training, Executive Member of Nepean Redskins Football Club

What do you think are the most important functions of NCF for its members?

I believe the community aspects of NCF have been and continue to be its greatest achievement. Starting with the reliable connections and quality support, to the value-added contents and services, I think NCF has been a leader in the Freenet and Internet world since its inception. I think it is important for NCF to continue to be a leader and to further its role as a contributor to the community, region and to persons from all walks of life. The vision of NCF members and the ability to introduce new features and services in a controlled high quality manner has served NCF very well over the years. The continued visibility and support will, I believe, result in direct benefit to NCF members.

Tony McNeill