National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Motion A - Remuneration of Agents, Contractors, and Employees

Mover: Don Francis (NCF Board member)
Seconder: Gary Eikenberry (NCF Board member)


Be it resolved that pursuant to By-law 15 of the National Capital FreeNet, all resolutions concerning the remuneration of agents, contractors and employees passed by the Board of Directors of the National Capital FreeNet since the March 2003 Annual General Meeting be confirmed.

SECTION TWO: Comments from proposer of the motion

The NCF bylaws call for this resolution to be considered by members:

15. A reasonable remuneration for all officers, agents and employees and committee members may be fixed by the board of directors by resolution. Such resolution shall have force and effect only until the next meeting of members when such resolution shall be confirmed by resolution of the members, or in the absence of such confirmation by the members, then the remuneration to such officers, agents or employees and committee members shall cease to be payable from the date of such meeting of members.

SECTION THREE: Comments from your NCF Board

Voting 'For' on this motion is recommended by the Board of Directors.