National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Mark Mielke - Candidate

[photo of Mark]
After NCF's 9th Anniversary Event
I am an active long-term NCF member who has been a visible part of NCF's online community since 1994. I volunteered for NCF in various capacities since 1994 as a software developer, technical advisor, and for the last 3 years, as a member of NCF's Board of Directors.

I am employed by Nortel as the 'software architect' for an established proprietary product. My wife is from Australia, and we have a 4 month old son.

What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?

I am relatively young, granting me a fair amount of energy. I was 12 years old when NCF first opened its doors, and 14 years old around the time "Internet" become a household word. I grew up with the Internet from before most people knew it existed.

I bring many years of knowledge as a user and member of NCF, as well as the experience of being an NCF board member for three years. I understand that the NCF's Nomination Committee asked me to seek another term as board member because they believe my skills and experience would continue to be a good complement to those of the other board members.

What do you think are the most important functions of NCF for its members?

Community-based, member-controlled Internet access and services, as well as access to technologies that may be unavailable to the general public through traditional channels.

Why do you want to be an NCF director?

I believe the NCF helps make the National Capital region a better place to live by ensuring that we, as a community, remain on the leading edge of technology. The NCF allows residents of the National Capital region with limited means, enjoy the same benefits that many of us take for granted. I believe serving as an NCF director is a way for me to contribute to NCF's success.

I would be pleased to answer questions online, by email, or at the "Meet the Candidates" evening on March 10.

Mark Mielke

P.S. Happy 10th Anniversary, NCF! Congratulations to NCF members for ten years of doing something good for members and the community. Over 75,000 people have participated in NCF.