AGM Election Results

On behalf of NCF's thousands of members, thank you to every candidate for participating in this election. NCF Board members serve as volunteers, to the benefit of NCF members and their community.

Thank you also to NCF members for participating in NCF's 2002 online Annual General Meeting. NCF's AGMs are conducted and organized by volunteers.

In the page below are the AGM election results as reported by Ian Allen, AGM Returns Officer.

The full post-AGM board of directors is described at the Board of Directors web page.


National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

The NCF 2002 Online
Annual General Meeting

February 26 8:00am   to   March 12 6:00pm EST

NCF's Annual General Meeting is held online so that
as many as possible of NCF's thousands of members can participate.

Welcome to NCF's ninth Annual General Meeting.

STEP ONE: Become Informed

  1. Reports to members -- What happened at NCF in 2001
    1. Report from the President (Chris Cope, chair of the Board)
    2. Report from the Executive Director (Ian MacEachern)
    3. Report from the Treasurer (David Millman)
    4. Financial Statements and Report from the Auditor (KPMG)
    5. Minutes of Board meetings

  2. Candidates for the NCF Board of Directors

    The roles of a board member: Prospective board members come from all walks of life and bring varied experience to the Board. The ability to understand financial reporting and to make business decisions is essential, and often board members have subject-area expertise, such as experience in management or law. Collectively, NCF's eleven board members have the experience to recognize and approve plans and strategies that will move NCF toward its goals.

    NCF has a 'governance' board, where day-to-day operations are handled by staff and volunteers, under the management of the Executive Director. The Board sets the mission, vision, principles, and broad policies that guide the Executive Director. The Board is responsible for employing and evaluating the Executive Director, and for monitoring macro parameters that measure the operation of NCF.

    Candidates are asked to answer three questions and to provide other information that they believe will be helpful to voters. The three questions are:

    1. What skills will you contribute to the NCF Board?
    2. What are the most important functions of NCF for its members?
    3. Why do you want to be an NCF director?

    Five directors are to be elected at this AGM. The candidates for the Board of Directors are:

    Candidate Nominated by Seconded by
    Denis Wall (recommended) Sandy Campbell Chris Cope
    Michael Williamson (recommended) Sandy Campbell Chris Cope
    Don Francis (recommended) Sandy Campbell Chris Cope
    Catherine Wenuk (recommended) Sandy Campbell Shirley Yik
    Andrea Holland (recommended) Sandy Campbell Chris Cope
    Mary Anne Dugmore (recommended) Sandy Campbell Chris Cope

    The order of candidate names above has no significance and is determined by random draw.

    'Click' on each candidate name for information about that candidate. Candidates marked with "(recommended)" are recommended by the NCF Board's Nomination Committee as best fits for NCF at this time.

    Although only five candidates are to be elected, the Nomination Committee recommends any five of the six candidates as good fits for NCF at this time.

    Members are invited to the NCF 2002 "Meet the Candidates" evening, to be held on February 26, 6pm, in the Keefer Room of Ottawa City Hall, 111 Laurier Ave, Ottawa (the Keefer Room is in the Heritage section of City Hall, closest to Elgin street).

  3. Motions (annual and special business)

    The by-laws of the National Capital FreeNet require members to consider three standard motions at each AGM. These are:

    1. Motion A - Remuneration of Agents, Contractors, and Employees
    2. Motion B - Appointment of Auditors
    3. Motion C - Rules and Regulations

    There is no 'special business' to be considered.

STEP TWO: Consider Alternatives

You can discuss issues with members and candidates using the AGM2002 Discussion newsgroup (ncf.agm2002.general).


Enter your vote for candidates and motions. You may change your vote by voting again any time during the voting period. When asked, please enter your NCF account ID (eg., aa315) and your password (more help).

Candidate names appear on the ballot in random order.

That concludes the formal part of the AGM.

STEP FOUR: Please Make Your Opinions Known

Your comments and suggestions make a difference and help NCF operate better. Now and any time, you can make your opinions known by sending email to, or by posting to ncf.operations.q-a, the Executive Director's newsgroup at 'go operations'.


There were 784 voters (of 6821 registered members).

Board of Directors
Votes NCF ID Name Term (yrs) Expires Notes
602 es170 Andrea Holland 3 2005 Elected: Three-year term
593 cm324 Michael Williamson 3 2005 Elected: Three-year term
578 ep584 Catherine Wenuk 3 2005 Elected: Three-year term
560 ba990 Don Francis 2 2004 Elected: Two-year term
528 er983 Mary Anne Dugmore 1 2003 Elected: One-year term
382 er075 Denis Wall      

Directors are elected for a term of three years. However, to provide for rotation, initially one third were elected for one year, one third for two years and one third for three years. Any vacancy on the board that occurs mid-term may be filled by appointment by a majority vote of the board of directors until the next Annual General Meeting. At that time, the members elect a director to fill the remaining years of the term. The candidate with the most votes receive the longest term until all positions are filled.

Motions: Annual Business
For Against Abstain No Vote Result Motion
559 52 68 105 Carried Motion A - Remuneration of Agents, Contractors, and Employees
628 22 38 96 Carried Motion B - Appointment of Auditors
566 32 72 114 Carried Motion C - Rules and Regulations

Thank you for your participation

NCF is a large group of people getting together to share costs and benefits, doing something good for themselves and the community. Your participation in NCF's AGM supports the proper functioning of NCF.

Thank you,
Chris Cope (
2002 AGM Chair

Related information

Calendar of events

Feb5 8am to Feb19 11:59pm Nomination period (how to nominate)
Feb5 11:59pm Deadline for submitting special motions
Feb24 11:59pm Deadline for submitting candidate information
Feb26 8am to Mar12 6pm Voting period
Feb26 6pm NCF 2002 "Meet the Candidates" evening

"Meet the Candidates" Evening

Candidates, NCF members, staff, and current board members are invited to an informal get-together on February 26 at 6pm in the Keefer Room of Ottawa City Hall (111 Laurier Ave, at Elgin St) (the Keefer Room is in the Heritage section of City Hall, closest to Elgin street). This is an opportunity to meet the candidates and discuss NCF issues.

AGM procedures

Do you have an unanswered question? Send email to Chris Cope, AGM Chair, or post your question to the AGM2002 Discussion newsgroup.

Current NCF Board Members

The table below lists current directors (prior to the AGM). Entries with no names are vacancies to be filled at the AGM. Links in the table below display information provided by the director when they were a candidate at a prior AGM. Terms expire in March in the year indicated (at the end of the AGM).

Meetings of the board are open to members and the public.

NCF ID Name Term (yrs) Expires  
dt820 Sandy Campbell 3 2004 Secretary
bz787 Christopher Cope 3 2004 President
aa353 Gary Eikenberry 3 2004 1st Vice-President
3 2004
aw958 Graeme Beckett 3 2003
al278 Mark Mielke 3 2003
3 2003
aa342 David Millman 2 2002 Treasurer
ep585 John Wenuk 2 2003
ep584 Catherine Wenuk 1 2002 2nd Vice-President
1 2002

Information about Prior AGMs

AGM Committee

Who What
Chris Cope AGM Chair
Gary Eikenberry Director in charge of proxies
Ian Allen Returns officer
Mark Mielke Voting system software
André Dalle Voting system administration
Jim Elder AGM web page & software configuration