National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Annual General Meeting Results

Overall 832 ballots were cast in this AGM.


Candidate Name Number of Votes  
Chris Cope , bz787 596 ELECTED, 3 year term
Sandy Campbell, dt820 522 ELECTED, 3 year term
John Peterson , af186 429 ELECTED, 3 year term
Gary Eikenberry, aa353 373 ELECTED, 3 year term
John Wenuk, ep585 367 ELECTED, 2 year term
Catherine Wenuk , ep584 361 ELECTED, 2 year term
Miranda Gray, ak717 314 ELECTED, 1 year term
Michael Philip Sinclair, dz696 294  
Terrie Meehan, eb684 285  
Rick Percival, ap415 278  
Nicole Soucy, bp418 267  
Edmond Marc du Rogoff, df557 241  
Robert Rattey, ac866 181  
Peter Timusk , at571 133  


Motion A: Remuneration of Contracts and Employees Motion Passes

Motion B: Appointment of Auditors Motion Passes

Motion C: Rules and Regulations Motion Passes

Thank you to all members and candidates for their participation in the 2001 AGM.

Jessica Cohen 2001 AGM Returning Officer

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