National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Robert Rattey - Candidate

I have been a member of NCF since its inception in 1993.

NCF is now poised to embrase new horizons and it needs direction to serve its membership's needs but also to look forward.

We are now at a crossroad and I think my background and exprience can help.

I have been actively involved with NCF from the very beginning: as an active participant in our 'one and only' newsgroup when NCF got started, then seconding a motion that we should have more newsgroups as our community network grew.

I was vice-president for the French NCF committee which came up with the name Libertel - now recognized around the world.

After the demise of the French committee, I translated NCF material for ED's Lisa Donnelly and Chris Cope: Most of the important announcements that NCF posts - notwithstanding a lot of the other "reading" material in our various FAQ's.

Le Libertel entre dans une p=E9riode d=E9terminante de son histoire quant =E0 ses priorit=E9s,. Ce sera une p=E9riode d'adaptation qui sera difficile.

La baisse r=E9cente, mais constante, du nombre de membres, avec toutes les difficult=E9s financi=E8res in=E9rantes que cela apporte, la comp=E9tition f=E9roce des pourvoyeurs et les innovations technologiques qui foisonnent font que le Libertel doit se red=E9finir et refl=E9ter "notre coin de terre"!

Actuellement - et depuis belles lurettes , il n'y aucune personne pour repr=E9senter les francophones au sein du Conseil d'administration du Libertel. J'escompterais bien =EAtre cette personne.

C'est pourquoi je demande votre appui pour me faire =E9lire au Conseil d'administration afin que je puisse faire valoir notre point de vue..

I believe that my experience and background can allow me to bring a positive contribution to NCF


Born / raised : Hull-Ottawa N=E9 / =E9duqu=E9: Hull-Ottawa
Political Science Major
(University of Ottawa)
Gradu=E9 de l'Universit=E9 d'Ottawa
Sciences politiques

Experience / work Fiche de travail
Reporter, journalist, editor
(Ottawa & Montreal newspapers)
Reporter, journaliste, r=E9dacteur
(quotidiens =E0 Ottawa et =E0 Montr=E9al)
Public servant
(Government Departments)
(Minist=E8res f=E9d=E9raux)
Press Officer
(Government Ministers)
Attach=E9 de presse
(Ministres f=E9d=E9raux)
Senior Public servant
(Federal Government)
Fonctionnaire senior
(Gouvernement federal)
Consultant / Advisor
(Federal Government Ministers)
Conseiller / consultant
(Ministres du gouvernement federal)
Translator / writer Traducteur / =E9crivain