National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Sandy Campbell (dt820) - Candidate

Leaving aside the personal glory of serving on the Board, having served as one term as a Director I offer as a candidate for re- election because: I believe the Board has lost touch with the genuine ideas on which it was founded. which is serving the members and the community; and, because it is drifting and disunited, has failed to operate NCF as a thriving "small business" which is sufficiently 'profitable' to perform good work for the membership and for the community.

If FreeNet is "poor" it will not be able to offer assistance to the poor, because it will not be a credible, effective vehicle to those who can afford to help the poor. NCF cannot be be "run" as a charity; it must be run as a 'profitable' small business that earns the resources which enable it to perform charitable works.

I don't believe the Board should "give away" members' money: They can do that themselves, if they want to. The Board's job is to see that members' contributions are used to accomplish members' purposes.