National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale

Graeme Beckett (aw958) - Candidate

Hi and briefly,

I'm your current NCF Help-Desk coordinator and a long time volunteer with the NCF. To the point, one of the primary issues I would like to see the NCF address very soon is to move progressively towards attaining faster connections speeds along with installing more reliable equipment (modem servers) on our 3 user phone lines. Another issue that remains unaddressed is the many "NCF" newsgroups that need to be pruned and focused. We also need to do a better job promoting the NCF newsgroups particularly to our Web based users along with a more enticing entranceway via a new implementation of the NCF homepage. I also believe our many web based community information providers could be integrated into our CapitalFind project to provide them with more exposure. Additionally I would like to see the disk space allowance (Webpage/email/file storage space) per member increased. These are some of the issues members have indicated to me that I feel need further attention.

I believe having your Help-Desk coordinator on the volunteer Board of Directors will help provide the NCF membership with a more direct means of achieving what they want in a more prudent manor.