[National Capital FreeNet / Libertel de la Capitale nationale]

About NCF

NCF is the internet service provider for thousands of people in the National Capital region (Ottawa and Gatineau).

NCF was founded in 1992 by people at Carleton University, and is Ottawa's largest independent not-for-profit internet provider.

As a not-for-profit, people are members, not 'customers' or 'users'. Membership is free, with no strings attached. People trust NCF because it is independent, not-for-profit, and governed by its members. (We hope you'll vote at the yearly online meeting, but it's optional.)

NCF offers high-speed DSL internet access at not-for-profit prices.

NCF also offers Canada-based email services, web page hosting, and discussion groups. NCF's spam filter and disposable email addresses help control spam. Being located in Canada means being protected by Canada's privacy laws (in contrast to using email services located in the United States, eg., Google, Yahoo, Microsoft; more info).

Media reports from NCF's 10th anniversary party explain a bit about NCF's history, as well as an interview with CBC Radio:

    CBC Radio
CJOH news report
NewRO news report

(the call center that appears briefly in the CJOH report is not part of NCF; it is apparently stock footage)

Note: If you already have internet access and just want to become an NCF member so that you can participate in the NCF community and use NCF services (which include NCF email services and personal web space), please click here to register.

... we're

different ...

We're not-for-profit
NCF is not-for-profit and non-commercial. NCF is owned by its members, and was established in 1992 by people at Carleton University. Since then, over 100,000 people in Canada's national capital region have registered with NCF. Membership is free.

We're volunteer driven
Many individuals help in the office, as board members, with problems online, by writing software and help pages, organizing, assisting.

We're sponsor supported
Community-minded organizations provide additional help and support because they want to share in making our region better.

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